Published on February 29th, 2008 2:08 am EST

Phil Ivey with Dr. Dre headphonesPhil Ivey finally broke through and won his first World Poker Tour title, besting Quinn Do in heads-up action and taking down the $1.6 million dollar first place prize.

This was Ivey's eighth trip to a World Poker Tour final table, and his first victory.

Ivey entered heads-up play with a massive chip lead over Quinn Do (10.82 million to 2.48 million), and the tournament was over within two hands.

In the final hand of the tournament, Ivey raised holding A-8 and Do called holding 8-9 hearts. The flop came A-8-6, Ivey bet out and Do called. The turn was the Ace of clubs, and Ivey pushed all-in. Do only had just over a million in chips left at this point, and decided to call after deliberating for a number of minutes.

Do was dismayed to see that he was drawing completely dead, as Ivey had the full house and Do simply had Aces and Eights for two pair. Do should take heart in the fact that he still ended up earning over $900k for his second place finish.

Ivey had just the right combination of luck and strong play on Thursday. He managed to get lucky when he eliminated Nam Le in fourth place, after the two players got all of their chips in the middle with Le holding pocket Aces and Ivey holding pocket threes (they got all-in preflop). The turn brought the three of diamonds, and Nam Le was sent packing in fourth place.

The much-hyped showdown between Ivey and Hellmuth Jr. turned out to be a dud, as Hellmuth went out in sixth place.

The hand of the night for Hellmuth came in a showdown with Nam Le. Hellmuth held J-8, and Nam Le held the K-3 of clubs. The flop came J 6 3. Le bet out, Hellmuth called. The turn was the King of hearts, Le bet out again, and Hellmuth pushed all-in. Le called with his two pair, and Hellmuth was crippled. He went out fifteen hands left in sixth place when his A-9 couldn't suck out on the A-Q of Woody Moore.

All in all, this was a very impressive tournament for Phil Ivey, and he certainly deserved to win. He was amongst the chipleaders for pretty much all of the tournament. After failing to win a WPT title after seven previous trips to the final table, this victory must be particularly sweet for Ivey.

Ivey and Hellmuth don't have any time to relax and contemplate their play at this tournament - both are scheduled to be in Las Vegas tomorrow for the 2008 Heads-Up Championship.



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