Published on April 28th, 2008 1:18 am EST

Phil Ivey toying with the competitionWith the World Poker Tour Championship winding up on Saturday, most of the high stakes cash games in Vegas likely dried up as well. This led to the return of multiple high stakes cash game players on Full Tilt Poker, including Phil Ivey.

Ivey wasted no time on Sunday, putting the boots to some of the best online cash game players in the world including Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Hac "Trex313" Dang and Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond.

When all was said and done, Ivey made an estimated 500-600k on the site on Sunday, with an equal amount coming from high stakes Pot Limit Omaha and No Limit Hold'em. "trex313" took the biggest beating, including dropping a $244k pot to Phil Ivey in the $500/$1000 PLO "Thunderdome".

Here are some of the bigger hands from his Sunday evening session:

1. $500/$1000 PLO vs Trex313. Both players have nearly identical stacks (around $123k).

After some pre-flop betting, the flop comes 2-6-Q rainbow. Ivey bets out, and "trex313" calls.

The turn brings the 4 of hearts, putting a flush draw on the board. Ivey checks, "trex313" bets $34,000, and Ivey pushes all-in. "trex313" calls.

Ivey shows T-A-A-J for a pair of aces and the nut flush draw.
"trex313" shows Q-6-5-7 for top two pair plus the open-ended straight draw.

The river brings the four of spades, pairing the board and giving Ivey the higher two pair. Ivey wins the $245k pot, and "trex313" immediately leaves.

2. $500/$1000 PLO vs "durrrr". Ivey has a stack of $242k, and "durrrr" has approximately $58k.

After a flop of 4-5-J with two hearts, the two players get all of their money in the middle.

Ivey shows J-7-5-6 for top two pair and the open-ended straight draw, and "durrrr" shows K-5-5-7 for a set of fives. "durrrr" also has a couple of clubs in his hand for a backdoor flush draw.

The turn is the King of diamonds, helping no one. The river is the eight of spades, giving Ivey the eight-high straight and a stack of approximately $300k.

3. $300/$600 No Limit Hold'em vs "trex313". Ivey has around $68k, and "trex313" has $72k.

After some standard pre-flop action, the flop comes K-T-2 with two clubs. Ivey bets $7,800, and "trex313" calls. The turn is the Jack of diamonds, Ivey leads out for $22,800, "trex313" pushes all-in and Ivey quickly calls.

"trex313" turns over K-T of spades for two pair, but Ivey shows pocket Jacks for the set. The river is the Queen of diamonds, helping neither player, and Ivey takes down the $137k pot.

4. $300/$600 No Limit Hold'em vs Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond. Ivey has a stack of nearly $150k, and Galfond has $60k.

The flop comes 3-2-T rainbow. "OMGClayAiken" bets $7,800, Ivey raises to $22,200, and "OMGClayAiken" eventually pushes all-in. Ivey calls the extra $31,400.

Galfond turns up K-Q for a pair of overcards, and Ivey shows K-T for top pair. Galfond has no flush draw and is hoping for a Queen or a runner-runner straight. He gets neither as the board bricks out, and Ivey wins the $120k pot. "OMGClayAiken" was clearly tilted from an earlier hand, which was..

5. $300/$600 No Limit Hold'em vs "OMGClayAiken". "OMGClayAiken" has a stack of $62k, and Ivey has around $86k.

The flop comes K-2-2. Ivey bets out, Galfond raises, and Ivey just calls.

The turn is the eight of hearts. Galfond bets $13,800, and Ivey calls again.

The river is the 7 of hearts. Galfond pushes all-in for his remaining stack, and Ivey snap-calls. Galfond shows Q-K for two pair, Kings and Twos, but Ivey shows K-2 for the flopped full house. Ivey wins the $124k pot.

Obviously Ivey lost some big hands too on Sunday, but overall, he didn't lose too many.

With the World Series of Poker just about a month away, we could see some pretty terrific high-stakes action over the next month, as players try to hone their games before the big event and all of the cash games that will be taking place.



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