Published on April 25th, 2004, 1:54 am EST

343 players. $25,000 buyin. $8,342,000 total prize pool. Get used to these types of numbers. Now that poker is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in North America, you can expect the day is coming soon when major tournaments will have $10 million dollar prize pools.

The winner of the 2004 World Poker Tour championship is Martin Deknijff. Hailing from Stockholm Sweden, Martin won a cool 2.7 million dollars for placing first, dwarfing the first place prize won by Moneymaker in last year's World Series of Poker. The competition was fierce, and the top 25 was lined with some notable names, including T.J. Cloutier and Dan Harrington. Hasan Habib and Can Kim Hua both continued their very impressive campaigns by placing 2nd and 27th respectively. Here is the breakdown of the top 10, plus the money awarded to each person:

1) Martin Deknijff - $2,728,356
2) Hasan Habib - $1,372,223
3) Matthew Matros - $706,903
4) Richard Grijalva - $457,408
5) Russell Rosenblum - $332,660
6) Steve Brecher - $232,862
7) Thomas Jacobs - $166,330
8) T.J. Cloutier - $133,064
9) Lee Salem - $116,431
10) Patrick Bruel - $99,798


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