Published on July 10th, 2008 4:42 pm EST

king is looking at playing cards - looks surprisedThe month is only nine days old, but already there are three players who have made more than $500,000 in the high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker in July.

"present" currently leads the pack with a total profit of $540k. According to, this profit has come over a total of 46 sessions and 4911 hands. "present" also took part in the ultra high-stakes "RailHeaven" $500/$1000 NLHE game that took place late last night, banking a total profit of $55,000 in the process.

Next on the list is "War Stories", who has banked $520k so far in July. "War Stories" tends to prefer the high-stakes Pot Limit Omaha games, as this is where all of his profits have come from.

Third on the list is "Aeron73", who has made a total of $509k on Full Tilt Poker so far in July. "Aeron73" is David Benefield, a very successful young poker player who produces instructional videos for His blog can be found here. "Aeron73" is an extremely talented NLHE and PLO player, though most of his profit has come playing Pot Limit Omaha this month ($390k+). High stakes Pot Limit Omaha is just where most of the action is these days - the high stakes NLHE tables barely run on Full Tilt.

The top five is rounded out by "DaEvils" (+$291k) and "Urindanger" (+$256k). "pr1nnyraid", aka Jason Rosenkrantz and an instructor on, has made a total of $202k in July. All three of these players participated in the $500/$1000 NLHE game which ran last night, with "pr1nnyraid" making $128k, and "Urindanger" and "DaEvils" both dropping substantial sums of money.

The list of the biggest cash game losers on Full Tilt in July is populated by some pretty well-known names.

First off, "patatino" has dropped the most money in July, as he has seen almost $800k shaved off of his bankroll in just nine days.

Next on the list is "tsarrast", who has dropped $590k so far in July. David Benyamine, coming off of an extremely productive July that saw him make over $1.7 million dollars online AND win his first World Series of Poker bracelet, is currently down about $332k for the month of July.

The top five is rounded out by "halfdozen999" (-$326k) and "CHUFTY" (-$255k).

More familiar names occupy the 6-10 spots in the list of the biggest cash game losers on Full Tilt Poker in July. Emil "Whitelime" Patel has dropped $166k in July; Patrik Antonius has lost $165k; Tom "durrrr" Dwan has donated $164k, and Phil Ivey has lost $138k.

I'd expect that many well-known names such as Ivey and Benyamine will be taking some time off from poker, now that they are done at the World Series of Poker. I would imagine that playing a full slate of WSOP events is extremely exhausting, and many pros will likely be vacationing in July and August. Don't be surprised if many well-known names are largely absent from the tables for the rest of the summer.

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