Published on August 18th, 2008 6:13 am EST

full tilt poker - ftops ix - logo - online tournamentThe main event of FTOPS IX took place tonight - 4,880 people took part in the event, which led to an overlay as the tournament had a guarantee of $2.5 million dollars. In the end, "dubbeemin" outlasted the rest of the competition to take down the $432k first place prize.

Here is a recap of the final table:

TiltinShoes went out in ninth place after getting into a preflop raising war with "dubbeemin". When all of the money was in the middle, "TiltinShoes" turned over A/K offsuit, and "dubbeemin" turned over pocket Aces. "TiltinShoes" was drawing dead by the turn, and was soon eliminated in ninth place for $32,500.

"aaaFRANCESCOzzz" was the next to be eliminated. After a preflop raise from "PokerGuru19", "aaaFRANCESCOzzz" pushed the rest of his short stack in, and "PokerGuru19" made the quick call. "aaaFRANCESCOzzz" turned over the A/5 of diamonds, and "PokerGuru19" turned over pocket Jacks. The flop was a great one for "aaaFRANCESCOzzz", as it came 2-A-2, putting him far ahead in the hand. Unfortunately for "aaaFRANCESCOzzz", the turn was the Jack of hearts, giving the advantage back to "PokerGuru19". There was no miracle ace on the river, and "aaaFRANCESCOzzz" was sent packing in eighth place for just under $44k.

"tvcsa" was the next to be eliminated, again at the hands of "PokerGuru19". "tvcsa" raised preflop, and "PokerGuru19" called in the Big Blind. The flop came K-9-K, and the two players soon had all of their chips in the middle of the table. "tvcsa" turned over pocket Aces, and was horrified to see that "PokerGuru19" had flopped trips. "PokerGuru19" was far ahead in the hand with his K-10, and rivered a full house to eliminate "tvcsa" in seventh place. "tvcsa" took home $57,500 for their efforts.

"hemlock1313" was the next out. After a preflop raise from "valleyho", "hemlock1313" pushed all-in. "valleyho" quickly called, showing pocket Queens. "hemlock1313" was far behind, holding pocket Jacks. The board brought no help to "hemlock1313", and he was eliminated in sixth place for $75,000.

"sckilla" was the next out, as his pocket threes were no match against the A-9 offsuit of "valleyho". "sckilla" had just seen his stack demolished after a big showdown with "dubbeemin" (which ended up with no showdown). The end for "sckilla" came when an Ace landed on the flop, and he soon hit the rail in fifth place, taking home an even $100k for his efforts.

"PokerGuru19" was bounced from the tournament in fourth place. He was nursing a short stack for a while, and decided to take a stand holding A/J in the Big Blind. "valleyho" shoved from the small blind, and "PokerGuru19" snap-called, thinking that he has far ahead in the hand. Unfortunately for "PokerGuru19", "valleyho" was holding pocket Queens. The board improved neither player, and "PokerGuru19" was sent to the rail with an extra $132,500 in his pocket.

"TheTotalPkg" went out in third place for $170k, after calling an all-in from "dubbeemin" after a flop of 7-6-2 with two diamonds. "TheTotalPkg" was on a Queen high flush draw, and "dubbeemin" held A-7 for top pair, top kicker. "TheTotalPkg" would need a diamond, a Queen or a Jack to win the hand - the turn and river bricked, and "TheTotalPkg" was out in third place.

The final hand of the tournament came when both "dubbeemin" and "valleyho" pushed their chips in on a flop of 9-7-6 with two clubs. Both players had workable stacks, and both players were on flush draws. "valleyho" was ahead with his K-10 of clubs, and "dubbeemin" held the J-Q of clubs. The river brought the Jack of diamonds, giving "dubbeemin" the victory and $432k. "valleyho" took second place for $262,500.

In other FTOPS news, "hAAydon" took home the two-day, $2500 NLHE event on Sunday for just over $540k.


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