Published on September 25th, 2008 7:28 am EST

David Benyamine in ThoughtFor the second time in less than a month, David Benyamine dominated the "RailHeaven" table on Full Tilt Poker and left with a stack just shy of a million dollars.

"RailHeaven" is the six-handed $500/$1000 NLHE game that occasionally runs on Full Tilt Poker. A number of the biggest names in poker frequent the game, including Patrik Antonius, Phil Ivey and Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Tonight, David Benyamine dominated the game once again, with Tom "durrrr" Dwan contributing to most of Benyamine's large stack.

A short while ago, Benyamine beat up on "RailHeaven", ultimately leaving the game with a stack of around $950k. Tonight, he did it again, accumulating a stack of over $900k after several big pots with "durrrr". "durrrr" was not playing well tonight (by his own admission), and ultimately ended up dropping around a million dollars.

The biggest hand between the two was a $436k monster. Benyamine held pocket fours, and Dwan held A/J. The flop came 7-J-4, giving Benyamine a set and Dwan top pair. The two players got all of their chips in the middle after the flop, and Benyamine was well ahead in the hand. Dwan received some help on the turn as the Ace of hearts hit, but the three of diamonds on the river shipped Benyamine the huge pot.

The two players had combined for a $242k pot just a short while earlier. The board was reading 10-K-9-5-3 with no flush possibilities. Benyamine led out on the river for a $19,000 bet, and Dwan pushed all-in (over $100k). Benyamine thought for a few seconds and then made a great call with the K-8 of clubs for top pair. "durrrr" showed 10-6 of spades, and the $242k pot was shipped to Benyamine.

To be fair, Dwan got into some pretty tough situations and was pretty unlucky at times. Dwan lost another $80k+ when he flopped top two pair on a flop of J-Q-8. Unfortunately for him, Benyamine held the 9-10 of clubs for the flopped nut straight, and Dwan couldn't catch up.

Also, Dwan and Benyamine combined for a $200k+ pot that saw all of the money go into the middle pre-flop. Benyamine held pocket Aces, and Dwan held the A-K of hearts. Dwan couldn't catch up, and the massacre continued.

Dwan took a beating tonight, but he has a history of rebounding strongly after sustaining a big loss. I would expect to see him back at "RailHeaven" tomorrow.


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