Published on June 22nd, 2004, 5:12 pm EST

Ben Affleck wins a major poker championship? It's not a misprint. Say what you want about Affleck, but he actually played pretty well to capture the title. Affleck won just over 350,000 grand plus a seat in the World Poker Tour championships, which will surely provide a big boost in interest for that event.

Affleck knocked out Stan Goldstein with J-J vs. Ad-10d to capture the final event. Ben is an avid student of the game, using his financial resources to learn from some great teachers including Annie Duke and Allen Cunningham. No doubt they were very proud of his performance at the event.

The final hand of the event saw Affleck holding JJ and Goldstein holding Ad - 10d with a flop of 10-6-3. Affleck went all in, Goldstein called, and Affleck's jacks held up. The King is looking forward to see how Affleck does in the World Poker Tour final event. Here are the final 9 finishers.

1. Ben Affleck $356,400
2. Stan Goldstein $204,930
3. Chuck Pacheco $106,920
4. Jimmy Tran $62,370
5. John Esposito $49,005
6. Ty Nguyen $40,095
7. Raymond Davis $31,185
8. Pogos Simityan $22,275
9. Amir Vahedi $17,820


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