Gus Hansen Up Over Three Million Dollars in October

Published on October 27th, 2008 7:13 pm EST

Gus Hansen is well on his way towards having one of the most profitable months in the history of online poker.

"The Great Dane" is currently up a jaw-dropping $3.2 million dollars so far in October. Most of his gains have come from Omaha Hi/Lo and HORSE, where he has made about $2.7 million dollars in total profit. Hansen's $3.2 million dollars in total profits have come over a total of 33,832 tracked hands, which means that Gus has banked approximately $94.50 for every hand that he has played on the site in October.

Hansen's single-month performance on October is one of the best in the history of Full Tilt Poker (or any other site for that matter). He is currently up about $2.4 million in 2008 on Full Tilt (according to

There have been a number of great performances on Full Tilt so far in October. The high-stakes cash games have been full of action and a number of well-known players have done very well for themselves. They include:

Phil Ivey (currently up about $2.134 million dollars in October)

Tom "durrrr" Dwan (up $1.94 million in October)

Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies (up $1.06 million in October)

Dwan's performance in October is especially noteworthy considering he was on the losing end of two of the biggest pots in the history of online poker and is STILL up almost $2 million in October. He lost a $723k pot to Di "Urindanger" Dang (KK < AA) and a $678k pot to John Juanda (AA < KK) on the same day.

Ivey has made over $6.5 million on Full Tilt in 2008, which is a full $2.5 million more than the second place player on the list, Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

Those are the biggest winners on FTP in October.

The player who has taken the biggest hit to their bankroll in October has been Patrik Antonius. Antonius has dropped approximately $1.6 million dollars over 12,742 tracked hands. No Limit Hold'em has been particularly unforgiving to Antonius, as he has lost $1.77 million dollars in the high-stakes NLHE games in October. October's poor performance makes Antonius the biggest NLHE loser on FTP in 2008, as he has dropped a total of $2.23 million dollars.

"lady marmelade" and "elmariachimacho", two accounts that are rumored to belong to billionaire Guy Laliberte, are down a combined $2.2 million dollars in October. 2008 has been disastrous for both of these accounts, as "lady marmelade" is down $4.8 million dollars and "elmariachimacho" is down $2.3 million dollars for the year.

David Benyamine is a surprising entrant to the top losers list, as he has dropped approximately $996k in October. Benyamine has dropped around $1.1 million dollars in the high stakes Omaha Hi/Lo games on Full Tilt in October, and an unbelievable $5.7 million dollars in 2008. Despite these losses in Omaha Hi/Lo, Benyamine is still up over $3.7 million overall on the year. If Benyamine had decided to skip Omaha Hi/Lo in 2008, then he would been up almost $9.5 million dollars for the year. Interesting results, especially given that Benyamine's lone World Series of Poker bracelet came in Omaha Hi/Lo.

All in all, the high-stakes action on Full Tilt has been incredible in October. As always, our data is provided by



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