Hevad "Rain" Khan Takes Down 2008 Caesars Palace Classic Main Event

Published on November 2nd, 2008 8:42 am EST

William Fry and Hevad "Rain" Khan both outlasted tough fields this week to take down major tournaments.

Fry took down just under 600k Euros for winning the 2008 edition of the EPT Budapest. He also secured himself a 10k Euro entry to the 2008 EPT Grand Final, which takes place in 2009.

After less than five hours of play at the final table, William Fry and Ciprian Hrisca of Romania were left as the two final participants. Hrisca held a 2:1 chip advantage heading into heads-up play, but William Fry quickly evened things out by doubling up with his J-10 against the pocket sevens of Hrisca.

Fry continued to chip away at Hrisca, seizing the momentum and establishing himself as the aggressor.

The final hand came when the two players pushed all of their chips into the middle, with Fry holding pocket Jacks and Hrisca holding A-6.

Hrisca received a glimmer of hope when the flop came T-Q-6. Now he would win the hand with another six or an ace. Unfortunately for Hrisca, the turn and river bricked out, and William Fry took down the tournament.

Johnny Lodden, probably the most recognizable name at the final table, was eliminated in eighth place for about 53k Euros.

Lodden was involved in a big three-way pot early on at the final table that sent him to the rail. Lodden raised pre-flop with pocket Kings, Zoltan Toth called holding Ad-Kd, and Martin Jacobsen also called holding Td-7d.

The flop came Jd-8s-2d. Lodden held an overpair, Toth held the nut flush draw with overs, and Martin Jacobsen held a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw. Jacobsen saw many of his outs disappear after the three players turned their cards up, as Toth held the nut draw flush. Johnny Lodden was looking to be in good shape, as he only had to avoid a nine, a diamond or an ace.

The turn was the seven of hearts and the river was the nine of clubs, giving Martin Jacobsen the straight in a huge pot. Lodden was sent to the rail and Zoltan Toth was crippled. This was Johnny Lodden's seventh career cash in an EPT event - he is still looking for that elusive first victory.


poker player hevad khan aka rainIn other news, Hevad "Rain" Khan took down the 2008 Caesars Palace Classic Main Event for $1 million dollars a few days ago.

Khan outlasted 310 other players in a talent-laden field to take down the impressive seven-figure score. This is the second "live" tournament victory of Khan's short career (he also took down a preliminary event at the 2008 Foxwoods Poker Classic for $108k).

Khan is best-known for his sixth place finish (and outlanding celebrations) at the 2007 World Series of Poker.

This field was absolutely stacked. Khan had to get past names such as Adam Junglen, John Hennigan and Daniel "Rekrul" Schreiber at the final table to claim the victory.

Khan and Michael Kamran found themselves heads-up against each other, battling for the million-dollar first place prize. Both players possessed the chip-lead during heads-up play. The final hand of the tournament came after the two players saw a flop of J-9-2 rainbow. Kamran checked, Khan bet 900k, Kamran pushed all-in over the top and Khan called.

Khan revealed J-6 for top pair, while Kamran showed K-10 for a gutshot straight draw.

The turn was the seven of clubs, giving Kamran some more outs. The river was the 10 of diamonds though, and Hevad Khan erupted in celebration.

Khan now has over $2.2 million dollars in lifetime cashes.


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