Peter Eastgate Enters Heads-Up Action as the Chipleader

Published on November 10th, 2008 4:02 am EST

Thousands of players entered the World Series of Poker Main Event back in July, all dreaming of a shot at the $9 million plus first place prize.

Thousands of players were whittled down to the "November Nine" - the nine players which would make up the final table. The tournament was paused for months in order to drum up interest in the final table. Dennis Phillips entered the final table as the chip leader, and Kelly Kim entered as the short stack.

Dennis Phillips ended up going out in third place. He had an up and down day, losing a massive pot right off the bat. He slowly battled his way back to a respectable chip stack, eventually bowing out in third place for a very respectable $4.5 million dollars. The end for Phillips came when he ran into a set of threes held by Peter Eastgate.

Many people thought that Kelly Kim would be the first player to exit the final table, as he was extremely short-stacked heading into Sunday's action. Craig Marquis was the first to be eliminated though - he was eliminated in heart-breaking fashion after flopping a set of sevens but losing to a runner-runner straight.

Kim went out next. "Chino" Rheem was eliminated in seventh place, and Darus Suharto was bounced in sixth place. Scott Montgomery was eliminated in heart-breaking fashion as well, turning trips and then succumbing to a one-outer on the river. Ylon Schwartz went out in fourth place, and Phillips was eliminated in third place.

poker player ivan demidov - sponsored by pokerstars - world series of poker final table 2008The second place finisher will receive $5.8 million dollars, while the first place finisher will receive $9.1 million dollars, plus the coveted WSOP bracelet.

Peter Eastgate will enter heads-up competition with a sizable chip lead. He currently has just under 80 million in chips, while Ivan Demidov has 57.7 million.

Both of the remaining players are sponsored by Pokerstars. As a matter of fact, the top four and six out of the top seven finishers are all sponsored by Pokerstars. The FTP sponsored players did not fare as well at the final table.

If Peter Eastgate captures the title on Monday, then he will become the youngest World Series of Poker (US) Main Event champion ever.

Peter Eastgate and Ivan Demidov are both extremely skilled players, so the heads-up battle should end up being quite entertaining.

The action will pick up on Monday night as we play down to the winner.

Will it be Ivan Demidov, or will it be Peter Eastgate?

Find out at 10 pm local time on Monday night, as the 2008 World Series of Poker Main Event champion is finally crowned.


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