Julian Verse Takes Down FTOPS X Main Event; "sckilla" Takes Second

Published on November 17th, 2008 6:34 am EST

full tilt poker logo - ftops x winner - julian verse - main eventThe tenth edition of the FTOPS Main Event was concluded early Monday morning, with "Julian Verse" taking the victory. For his win, "Julian Verse" received $450k, while "sckilla" received $273k for finishing in second place.

The tournament received a total of 5,225 entrants which created a total prize pool of $2.612 million dollars. The top 738 places paid. This was the second largest FTOPS Main Event prize pool ever, just behind the $2.645 million dollar prize pool that was generated at FTOPS VII (which was ultimately won by "Reverse").

"sd bum" was the first person eliminated from the final table, going out in ninth place for 34k. "sd bum" was the short stack and got involved in a three-way all-in pot with "sinrake" and "Hummelhintern." "sd bum" held A-Q offsuit, "sinrake" held pocket tens and "Hummelhintern" held pocket Kings. The pocket Kings held up, and "sd bum" was eliminated in ninth place.

"RollinHand1" was eliminated in eighth place for $46k. After the elimination of "sd bum", "RollinHand1" now found himself as the short stack. He pushed all-in holding pocket fours, and "Julian Verse" called from the SB. "Julian Verse" and his pocket Nines had "RollinHand1" and his pocket fours crushed, and the best hand held up once again.

"sinrake" went out in seventh place, taking home just over $60k for his efforts. "sinrake" still had a decent stack, and decided to push all-in from the button holding A-4 offsuit. "ilovepoka" woke up with A-J suited in the Big Blind and decided to call. The board came K-2-2-10-5, and "sinrake" was eliminated in seventh place.

A couple of hands later, "Kraag" was eliminated in sixth place for $77k. "Kraag" was the short-stack and decided to push from the button holding J-10 offsuit. "sckilla", the chip leader, called holding K-10 offsuit. "sckilla" flopped top two pair and "Kraag" hit the rail in sixth place.

"bazeman" was eliminated in fifth place for $103k. The flop came 2-T-K of clubs, and both "bazeman" and "Hummelhintern" were soon all-in. "bazeman" showed A-Q with a club for a gutshot straight and flush draw, while "Hummelhintern" showed K-10 for top two pair. The turn was the three of clubs, putting "bazeman" ahead in the hand, but the river was the King of diamonds, giving "Hummelhintern" the full house.

"sckilla" continued to add to his chip lead when he eliminated "ilovepoka" in fourth place. "ilovepoka" pushed all-in over the top of a "sckilla" re-raise holding pocket sevens. Unfortunately for "ilovepoka", "sckilla" showed pocket Aces. There was no miracle seven and "ilovepoka" was eliminated in fourth place for $137k.

"Hummelhintern" was the next player to hit the rail, exiting the tournament in third place for $175k. "Hummelhintern" was the short stack and decided to make his last stand holding Q-J offsuit. "Julian Verse" raised from the button, "Hummelhintern" pushed all-in from the BB and "Julian Verse" called. "Julian Verse" showed pocket twos, and "Hummelhintern" was holding Q-J offsuit. The pocket twos held up, and "Hummelhintern" was eliminated in third place.

"Julian Verse" ultimately wrestled the chip lead away from "sckilla" in heads-up action and took down the tournament. "Julian Verse" joins the likes of "dubbeemin", "cheesemonster" and "Spiked" as FTOPS main event champions.


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