"Hearts13" Goes On the Run of a Lifetime

Published on November 19th, 2008 10:26 pm EST

ultimate bet logo - hearts 13 - poker player - on a heaterWhen "Hearts13" logged onto Ultimatebet late Sunday night, he thought it was just going to be another regular session. Little did he know that his life was soon about to completely change, and that he would be the talk of the online poker world.

A few days ago, "Hearts13" was a regular in the smallest NLHE games on Ultimatebet. He apparently had just a couple of hundred dollars in his account and was perfectly happy grinding it out at the lower limits.

Then, early Monday morning (3:48 am EST to be exact), "hearts13" won the Bad Beat Jackpot on Ultimatebet. He ended up receiving around $65,000.

At this point, most people would hit the "Cashier" button and withdrawn most (or all) of the $65k.

Not "Hearts13".

He decided that he wanted just a bit more money - enough to pay all of his debts and have some cash in the bank.

Most people at this point would sit down at a $2/$4 NLHE table and try to grind out the remainder. "Hearts13" decided that he didn't have the patience for this, and instead sat at a $50/$100 NLHE table. Maybe it was impatience, or maybe "Hearts13" felt invincible with $65,000 staring at him from his account balance screen.

Anyways, "Hearts13" soon found action. Ultimatebet recently finished their second round of refunds in the "superuser" scandal, and a number of the old high-stakes regulars on the site were suddenly back in action. Names such as Prahlad Friedman and Cole South have suddenly found themselves playing on the site again after receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars back from Ultimatebet.

Most people expected this story to end the way that many other similar stories ended - "Hearts13" would drop all of his newfound riches to a much better high-stakes player. It didn't work out like that though.

"Hearts13" proceeded to go on the run of a lifetime, battering Prahlad "Spirit Rock" Friedman in a NLHE, high-stakes battle. When all was said and done, "Hearts13" walked away with a profit of around $100k.

He continued to battle against high-stakes regulars. He more than held his own, and was seen with a stack of $200k at a $100/$200 table at one point.

Whenever "Hearts13" sits at a table now, there is usually a long line-up of (well-known) names that are lined up to play him.

Now the big question becomes - how long will "Hearts13" be able to maintain this incredible run, especially with everyone now gunning for him?


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