mastrblastr Savages Ziigmund on GusHeaven

Published on November 27th, 2008 6:23 am EST

poker king is throwing cards up in the air"mastrblastr" and "Ziigmund" duked it out on "GusHeaven" early Thursday morning. "GusHeaven" is one of the $500/$1000 No Limit Hold'em tables on Full Tilt Poker.

When all was said and done, "mastrblastr" had a stack of just under $800k, and "Ziigmund" was busted.

The final hand of the match was a $458k monster, which will end up being one of the biggest online pots in November.

Prior to the hand starting, "mastrblastr" had a stack of just over $568k and "Ziigmund" had around $229k. "mastrblastr" was in the small blind, and "Ziigmund" was in the big blind.

"mastrblastr" raised to $3,000. "Ziigmund" re-raised to $11,500, and "mastrblastr" put in another raise, this time to $34,500. "Ziigmund" called.

The flop came Q-4-9 rainbow.

"Ziigmund" checked, "mastrblastr" bet $45,007, "Ziigmund" pushed and "mastrblastr" called.

"Ziigmund" showed the J-10 of hearts for an open-ended straight draw, and "mastrblastr" showed pocket Aces for an overpair.

The turn brought the three of spades, which helped neither player.

The river was the six of hearts, and "mastrblastr" took down the monster pot. After that, "Ziigmund" insta-quit the table.

Earlier in the match, there was a $459k pot between the two players that was again won by "mastrblastr":

"mastrblastr", again in the SB, raised to $3,000. "Ziigmund" re-raised to $11,500, and "mastrblastr" called. Before the hand, "mastrblastr" had a stack of $272k and "Ziigmund" had about $230k.

The flop came 4-3-K, with two spades.

"Ziigmund" bet $18,500, "mastrblastr" raised to $51,050 and "Ziigmund" pushed all-in. "mastrblastr" quickly called.

"mastrblastr" showed pocket threes for a set of threes, while "Ziigmund" showed A-K for a pair of Kings with an Ace kicker.

The turn brought the Ace of diamonds, which gave a bit of hope to "Ziigmund". Now he would win with another Ace or King.

The river was the five of clubs, and "mastrblastr" was shipped the $459k pot.

"mastrblastr" got his Thanksgiving off to a great start with the best session of his life.


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