Ivey and Sahamies Flip For $400k

Published on January 19th, 2009 11:48 pm EST

ziigmund smilingPhil Ivey and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies obviously aren't suffering from the recession.

Earlier today on Full Tilt Poker, the two players agreed to a $400k flip.

Ivey and "Ziigmund" always have entertaining battles when they play heads-up. Today was no different, as there were a number of very big pots that were played between the two.

Despite the incredible back and forth action, Ivey and "Ziigmund" decided to take things one step further.

At the time, Ivey had a stack of $610k, while "Ziigmund" had about $192k.

"Ziigmund" proposed a flip, and Ivey asked how much. "Ziigmund" wasn't sure, so Ivey said:

"what u have in front of u?"

"Ziigmund" agreed, and the two were all-in on the next hand.

Ivey had 6-4-T-J with two hearts, while "Ziigmund" had 7-2-Q-4 with two diamonds.

The flop came Q-7-A with two hearts. "Ziigmund" had flopped top two pair, but Ivey was live with a flush draw.

The turn brought the Queen of spades, clinching victory in the hand for "Ziigmund". The river was a meaningless three of clubs.

Phil Ivey, having just lost nearly $200k in a flip, had this to say:

"u pay for drinks nex time lol"

Just another day at the office..


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