"durrrr" and "Ziigmund" Battle on Full Tilt Poker

Published on March 4th, 2009 11:24 pm EST

poker player tom dwan - winning big at full tilt pokerThe high-stakes action on Full Tilt Poker has really picked up over the past couple of days.

Last night, Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies waged war against each other on multiple $500/$1000 Pot Limit Omaha tables. Given how aggressive both these players are, people knew that they were in for an ultra-swingy and entertaining battle - Dwan and Sahamies didn't disappoint.

When the smoke had cleared, Dwan had taken "Ziigmund" for around a million dollars.

There were a number of epic pots between the two players, including one that I believe is the biggest of 2009.

Here is a quick recap of three of the most entertaining / unbelievable hands:

1. Dwan Hits on the River.

After some pre-flop raising, there was already $54,000 in the pot when the flop came 9-5-T, all hearts.

"durrrr" led out for a bet of $21,600, "Ziigmund" raised to $61,300, "durrrr" re-raised to $108,800, "Ziigmund" pushed all-in and "durrrr" called.

"Ziigmund" showed Q-9-A-6 double-suited for the nut flush, while Dwan showed K-9-4-T double-suited for top two pair.

The turn was a harmless three of clubs, which helped neither player.

The river, however, helped Dwan a great deal. The river was the nine of clubs, giving Dwan a full house and the $430k pot.

2. "Ziigmund" Wins a Sick $351k Pot.

Although "Ziigmund" was crushed in this session, we had to include this hand as it was pretty ridiculous.

After some standard pre-flop raising, the flop came 9-2-5 rainbow.

"Ziigmund" checked, "durrrr" bet $11,400, "Ziigmund" raised to $52,200, "durrrr" re-raised to $174,600 and "Ziigmund" called for the rest of his money.

"durrrr" showed 5-Q-K-9 for top two pair, while "Ziigmund" showed 4-9-8-6 for a pair of nines and a double gut-shot straight draw.

The turn was the seven of spades, which gave "Ziigmund" the nine high straight.

The river was the harmless four of clubs, and "Ziigmund" took down the $351k pot.

3. Dwan's $594k Pot.

"Ziigmund" had around $425k in his stack, while Dwan had $300k.

After some pre-flop raising, there was $18,000 in the pot.

The flop came J-Q-A with two diamonds. "Ziigmund" led out with a bet of $18,000, Dwan raised to $51,600, and "Ziigmund" called.

The turn was the seven of clubs. "Ziigmund" bet $121,200, and Dwan just called.

The river was the Jack of spades. "Ziigmund" pushed the rest of his stack into the middle, and Dwan insta-called.

Dwan showed A-6-2-A for a full house, while "Ziigmund" showed 7-10-K-2 for a straight.

The flop had hit both players extremely hard, giving Dwan top set along with the nut flush draw, while "Ziigmund" had flopped the nut straight.


All in all, this was an epic battle, and we really shouldn't expect anything less from "durrrr" and "Ziigmund".


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