Recap of High Stakes Poker Season 5, Episode 2

Published on March 9th, 2009 2:19 am EST

season 5 - episode 2 - high stakes pokerThere was plenty of action on "High Stakes Poker" this week, with Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Peter Eastgate being involved in some of the biggest pots once again.

The line-up of players was the same as last week. The following players participated in episode 2: Tom Dwan, David Benyamine, Daniel Negreanu, Ilari Sahamies, Barry Greenstein, Doyle Brunson, Peter Eastgate and Eli Elezra.

Doyle Brunson, who was fairly quiet in last week's episode, won the first pot of the episode.

Daniel Negreanu raised pre-flop with the 6-9 of hearts, getting calls from Doyle Brunson (K-K) and Eli Elezra (A-6).

The flop came J-5-5. Daniel made a continuation bet, Doyle called, Eli raised, Negreanu folded and Brunson called with his overpair.

The turn was a four. Eli bet again, and Doyle called again.

The river was a 2. Both players checked, and Doyle took down the 187k pot.

The next hand was a $318k pot between "Ziigmund" and Peter Eastgate.

"Ziigmund" was the straddle in the hand. Eastgate called holding the J-10 of diamonds, "Ziigmund" raised with 9-9 and Eastgate called.

The flop came J-6-A with two clubs. "Ziigmund" bet, and Eastgate called once again.

The turn was the four of hearts. "Ziigmund" checked, Eastgate bet $39,000, and "Ziigmund" called.

The river was the Jack of spades, giving Eastgate trips. "Ziigmund" checked once again, Eastgate bet $85,000, and "Ziigmund" eventually called. Eastgate took down the $318k pot with his trip Jacks.

There was then a split pot between Daniel Negreanu and Eli Elezra. The two players got all-in pre-flop, with Negreanu holding the A-Q of hearts and Elezra holding pocket sixes. They ran it twice - Elezra rivered a six to take down the first board, while Negreanu flopped an ace to take down the second. The two players split the $235k pot.

The next big hand involved Sahamies and Dwan. Dwan flopped a straight on a flop of 10-J-A, while "Ziigmund" flopped a pair of aces with a weak kicker. The two players checked down to the river, where "Ziigmund" finally tossed out a bet of $16,000. Dwan re-raised to $60,300, and "Ziigmund" eventually called after a bit of deliberation. Dwan showed his straight (K-Q hearts) and was awarded the $149k pot.

The last hand of the night was the most interesting.

Barry Greenstein was dealt AA UTG, and raised to $2,500. Everyone at the table called, creating a family pot.

The flop came 2-10-2.

Greenstein bet $10,000. Dwan, who was holding Q-10 of clubs, raised to $37,300. Eastgate, who had flopped trips with 4-2 offsuit, called the raise, as did Greenstein.

The turn was the 7 of diamonds. Eastgate and Greenstein both checked. Dwan fired out a bet of $104,200. Eastgate folded his trip 2's, while Greenstein folded his pocket aces.

Overall, another strong performance from Tom Dwan. "Ziigmund" finished as the biggest loser on episode 2, dropping two fairly large pots during the course of the episode.


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