Patrik Antonius Regains Lead in "durrrr" Challenge

Published on March 20th, 2009 9:11 pm EST

poker player patrick antonius - in lead at full tilt poker - durrrr challengeAfter a 425 hand session on Friday that was cut short due to a poor Internet connection, Patrik Antonius regained the lead in the "durrrr" challenge, and is now up about $108k overall.

The two players have now played a total of 5,517 hands, which means that the "challenge" is now about 11% complete.

According to Full Tilt Poker, Tom "durrrr" Dwan has won 3,010 of the 5,517 hands that have been played so far in the challenge, with an average amount of $ won per hand of $1,772.10.

Patrik Antonius, on the other hand, has won 2,487 hands so far, but has managed to rake in an average of $2,188.17 per hand.

There have been a total of nine sessions so far.

As you are well aware, the "challenge" called for 50,000 hands of heads-up PLO, NLHE or HA at a minimum of $200/$400.

At the end of the "challenge", if Dwan's opponent was up even $1 after rake, then Dwan would have to shell out an additional $1.5 million dollars on top of whatever he lost during the challenge.

If Dwan ended up clearing even $1 after rake, then his opponent would have to shell out $500,000, on top of whatever was lost during the course of the challenge.

Three players were rumored to have accepted the challenge (Ivey, Antonius, Benyamine), with Patrik Antonius getting the first shot at Dwan.

The "challenge" has generated a tremendous amount of buzz online. Full Tilt Poker set up eight special tables in their poker room that are devoted to the challenge, and they also have a special "durrrr" challenge section on their site.

Anytime the two players sit down to play the challenge, the online poker message boards are immediately set ablaze. Dwan and Antonius are easily two of the most popular poker players in the world, and there is a tremendous amount of interest in the outcome of this challenge.

There was one big hand during Friday's short session, and it was won by Patrik Antonius. According to Full Tilt Poker, this was the third largest pot of the challenge so far, and the largest that has been won by Patrik Antonius.


1. $155,683.50 pot won by Patrik Antonius.

Antonius is in the SB, Dwan is in the BB.

Antonius raises, Dwan re-raises and Antonius calls.

The flop comes 6-Q-5 with two clubs.

Dwan leads out with a bet of $4,800. Antonius raises to $21,600, Dwan re-raises to $72,000, leaving himself with just $2,242 behind, Antonius pushes all-in and Dwan calls.

Antonius shows 8-5-6-J for two pair plus a flush draw.

Dwan shows 7-J-8-9 for an open-ended straight draw and a smaller flush draw.

The turn is the Jack of diamonds, which gives Dwan some more outs in the hand.

The river is the four of clubs, which gives both players the flush - unfortunately for Dwan, Antonius has the better flush and takes down the hand.


We'll have another update for you when this challenge picks up again.


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