Tom Dwan Takes $700k+ Lead in "durrrr Challenge"

Published on June 19th, 2009 5:23 pm EST

Ivana posing with cards and a fist full of cashUp until yesterday, the "durrrr Challenge" had been fairly disappointing to some people.

When the challenge was first announced, many people had hoped that Patrik Antonius and Tom Dwan would stage some epic sessions and quickly complete the challenge. This wasn't the case.

Instead, Dwan and Antonius settled on very short, infrequent and uneventful sessions. Usually the two players would play just a couple of hundred hands and then call it a night. Many people were wondering if the "durrrr Challenge" would ever be completed.

This all changed yesterday when Dwan and Antonius decided to sit down and play a lengthy session.

There were big pots. There were large swings. There were huge stacks. There was ultra-aggressive play. Everything that people had originally hoped that the "durrrr Challenge" would provide.

The first 12,000 hands or so of the challenge had been pretty uneventful. There weren't any large bankroll swings during that time, and both players seemed content to keep the swings to a minimum.

Over the next 2,000 to 3,000 hands, Antonius was able to open up a $500,000 lead.

Since then, the momentum has completely swung back in Dwan's favor. Not only was he able to erase the deficit, but he was also able to establish a commanding lead of his own.

At one point in yesterday's session, Dwan had a lead of over a million dollars in the challenge.

Thanks to one big hand near the end of yesterday's session, Antonius was able to narrow the deficit, and is currently down about $730k overall.

Dwan and Antonius have now completed 20,647 of the 50,000 hands in the challenge. Dwan is currently up $726,546.50 as we near the halfway mark.

Dwan was able to win $394,633.00 during the most recent session, though Antonius did an admirable job in minimizing his losses.

Let's hope that Dwan and Antonius decide to put in another long session, as that was easily the most entertaining day of the challenge so far.

Here is a recap of the two biggest pots from yesterday's action:

1. $477k Pot to Antonius.

Before the hand, Antonius has around $239k, while Dwan has $273k.

Antonius SB, Dwan BB.

After a bunch of pre-flop raising, there is $37,200 in the pot when the flop comes:


Dwan checks, Antonius bets $12,800, Dwan raises to $43,500 and Antonius calls.

The turn is the nine of hearts.

Dwan bets $54,600, Antonius pushes all-in and Dwan calls.

Antonius shows Q-9-Q-K for a flopped full house, Queens full of sixes.

Dwan shows 7-9-8-6 for a full house as well, sixes full of nines.

The river is the harmless four of hearts, and Antonius takes down the biggest pot of the challenge so far.

2. $408k pot won by Dwan.

Prior to the hand, Antonius had $240k, while Dwan had around $310k.

Antonius SB, Dwan BB.

After some pre-flop raising, there is $7,200 in the pot.

The flop comes 9-8-2 with two diamonds.

Dwan leads out with a $4,800 bet, Antonius raises to $21,600, Dwan calls.

The turn is the 5 of spades.

Dwan checks, Antonius bets $50,400, Dwan raises to $201,600 and Antonius calls all-in.

Antonius shows 9-9-A-10 for a set of nines.

"durrrr" shows 7-8-6-7 for the nut straight.

The river is the 10 of clubs, and Dwan is shipped the $408k pot.


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