"Ziigmund" Shares Details Regarding His Two Big PLO Pots From Earlier This Summer

Published on August 3rd, 2009 8:40 am EST

Ilari Sahamies aka Ziigmund - IllustrationIlari "Ziigmund" Sahamies is, without a doubt, one of the most entertaining poker players in the world.

He is hyper-aggressive. He is prone to tilting. He likes to drink. He is one of the best poker players in the world.

Combine these four things and you have a player that has many fans and followers.

"Ziigmund" revealed on his blog earlier in the summer that he had been involved in two huge pots at "Bobby's Room" earlier this summer.

He didn't reveal the details of the hands (at the time), other to say that he had won a $1.7 million dollar pot and lost a $2.4 million dollar pot.

Coinflip.com had a small story on "Ziigmund" yesterday which revealed some of the details of the two pots.

First off, it turns out that the $2.4 million dollar pot was actually won by Patrik Antonius.

After a flop of T-9-4 with two hearts and one spade, "Ziigmund", Antonius and David Benyamine all got the remainder of their stacks into the middle of the table.

"Ziigmund" had A-2-5-6 with the nut flush draw.

Antonius had A-Q-J-5 for an open-ended straight draw, a weaker heart flush draw and a runner-runner spade flush draw.

Benyamine's hand was unknown.

The players agreed to run the turn and river twice.

The first deal came 9-A according to the article, which gave Antonius a pair of aces with a better kicker. He won the first deal.

The second deal brought two spades, and Antonius won yet again with his nut flush, taking down the $2.4 million dollar pot.

The $1.7 million dollar pot that "Ziigmund" won came against just a single opponent. "Ziigmund" claims that he misplayed the hand, but it still ended up working out well for him.

"Ziigmund" held T-T-x-x and the flop came T-6-5, giving him top set.

"Ziigmund" checked, his opponent bet, "Ziigmund" stuck in a raise and his opponent called.

The turn was a 4. There were no flushes possible on the board. His opponent bet again, and "Ziigmund" chose to just call this time, hoping to hit a full house on the river.

The river brought another 4, giving "Ziigmund" a full house (tens full of fours).

"Ziigmund" led out with a bet, and his opponent called for the rest of his chips.

"Ziigmund" showed his full house and took down the $1.7 million dollar pot.

Never a dull moment when "Ziigmund" is at the table.

You can read all about the hands at Coinflip.com.


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