Tom Dwan Wins Monster $1.1 Million Dollar Pot Against Phil Ivey in "Million Dollar Cash Game"

Published on September 18th, 2009 8:30 pm EST

-- full tilt - million dollar cash game --The fourth season of Full Tilt Poker's "Million Dollar Cash Game" has just finished filming, and this year's season will not disappoint.

"Million Dollar Cash Game" is an invite-only cash game that features some of the very best poker players in the world. Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan were just some of the names that participated in this year's game.

The buy-in for the show is a minimum of $100,000, and the game of choice is No Limit Hold'em.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan is usually the center of attention when he participates in a cash game, and this year's edition of "Million Dollar Cash Game" was no different.

Dwan got off to a rough start, losing a monster $500,000 pot to fellow "durrrr Challenge" participant Patrik Antonius.

The two players got their stacks in pre-flop, and Dwan looked to have Antonius crushed after turning over pocket Aces. Antonius, on the other hand, had pocket Kings.

The flop brought one of the two remaining Kings, putting Antonius far ahead in the hand. The turn and river were no help to Dwan, and Antonius was shipped the half-million dollar pot.

Dwan, never one to be discouraged, managed to battle back and reclaim his losses in a large pot against Cyril Mouly.

After nearly 20 hours of play, many participants in the game stepped aside, allowing Antonius, Ivey and Dwan to do battle short-handed.

The blinds were $1000/$2000 when the $1.1 million dollar pot between Ivey and Dwan went down.

Tom "durrrr" Dwan had the button and raised pre-flop. Ivey re-raised from the small blind, Antonius folded, and Dwan made the call.

The flop came Qc-3d-5c. Ivey bet $40,000, and Dwan made the call.

The turn brought the 4h. Ivey bet out again, only to be raised by Dwan.

After a few minutes of thought, Ivey declared that he was all-in. Dwan snap-called, turning over 6h-7h for the nut straight.

Ivey, stunned at his bad luck, turned over Ac-2h for a five-high straight. Unfortunately for Ivey, he was now drawing dead in the hand, and Dwan was shipped the $1.1 million dollar pot.


"Million Dollar Cash Game" will be shown on Sky Sports in the UK in January of 2010.

I'm pretty sure that the ratings just went up.


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