"Jovial Gent" Wins 2009 WCOOP Main Event on Pokerstars

Published on September 22nd, 2009 3:33 am EST

-- wcoop main event winner - jovial gent - yevgeniy timshenko --Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko, fresh off of his victory in the WPT Championship just a few months ago, took down another major poker championship early Tuesday morning after winning the 2009 WCOOP main event.

There were no final table deals this year, meaning that "Jovial Gent" was able to take home the entire $1,715,200 first place prize.

"Jovial Gent" entered into heads up play with a major chip advantage over "Udon Wannit". "Udon Wannit" was never able to catch up, and ended up taking home $1,286,400 for his second place finish.

The pivotal hand of the final table took place between "Jovial Gent" and "djk123".

The two players had around 24 million chips between the two of them when they got into a raising war pre-flop.

The two players were soon all-in, with "djk123" turning up pocket tens and "Jovial Gent" turning up pocket Kings.

"Jovial Gent" spiked a King on the flop, meaning that "djk123" would need runner-runner something to stay alive in the tournament. It wasn't meant to be, and "djk123" was sent to the rail in fourth place.

"Jovial Gent" eliminated "reddeevil" in third place in another big hand.

With the board reading 2s-5h-Kh-8d, "reddeevil" re-raised all-in after a bet from "Jovial Gent". "Jovial Gent" called, and the two players showed:

"Jovial Gent" Kd-8c
"reddeevil" 9h-6h

"Jovial Gent" held two pair, while "reddeevil" had a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw.

A heart came on the river, but unfortunately for "reddeevil" it was the 8 of hearts, which filled "Jovial Gent" up and shipped him the pot.

The final hand of the tournament came when "Udon Wannit" and "Jovial Gent" got all-in after a flop of 6s-Kc-8h.

"Jovial Gent" showed Kd-6d for two pair, while "Udon Wannit" showed 5c-6c for a pair of sixes and a backdoor flush draw.

The turn and river helped neither player, and "Udon Wannit" was sent to the rail in second place.

Here is how the final table ended up finishing out:

"Jovial Gent", $1,715,200
"Udon Wannit", $1,286,400
"reddeevil", $933,712
"djk123", $643,200
"Xaston", $482,400
"Chong94", $375,200
"Mudvaynes", $268,000
"Supa4real", $182,240
"PeachyMer", $96,480

Congratulations again to Yevgeniy "Jovial Gent" Timoshenko on his victory.


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