EPT London Final Table Update, "durrrr Challenge" and WSOP Final Table

Published on October 7th, 2009 9:41 am EST

-- poker king on his cellphone receiving news about ept and wsop --1. "Durrrr Challenge" Update. Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Patrik Antonius played another 1,063 hands of their "challenge" early Wednesday morning, with Dwan finishing up around $418k.

The "challenge" has now crossed the halfway mark, with 25,145 of the 50,000 required hands having now been completed.

"durrrr" is currently up nearly $700k in the challenge, surging back into the lead after briefly turning negative a few weeks ago.

The largest pot of the most recent session in the "durrrr challenge" was won by Tom Dwan.

There was already over $37k in the pot when the flop came 5d-Kd-8h.

Dwan led out with a bet of over $32k, and Antonius called.

The turn brought the 7d, and Dwan once again bet out.

Antonius called all-in after a bit of thought, committing his last $43,500 to the pot.

Dwan turned over Kh-Ks-Jh-Qc for top set, while Antonius turned over Ac-8c-7s-9c for two pair, as well as a gutshot straight draw.

The river was the 4c, helping neither player, and Dwan took down the nearly $200k pot.

The "challenge", which debuted to an avalanche of interest that has somewhat petered out over the past couple of months, should start receiving a great deal of focus once again as the battle moves towards completion (hopefully).

2. EPT London Final Table.

The final table of the EPT London main event is now under way.

Aaron Gustavson, who was chip leader heading into the final table, continues to lead the tournament with just seven players left.

He currently possesses a stack of 7.14 million, which is far ahead of Martin Gudvangen, who has around 4 million chips.

Peter Eastgate, the 2008 World Series of Poker main event champion, is currently sitting in third place with around 3.88 million.

Karim Bannini was the first player out on Wednesday after his K-3 failed to beat the K-T of Rui Milhomens.

First place in the event is 850k pounds - all seven of the remaining players are guaranteed at least 87k pounds for making it this far.

Here is a preview of the final table - we'll have a full report later today.

Watch EPT 6 London Day 5: The Final Table on PokerStars.tv

3. World Series of Poker final table.

The World Series of Poker final table will begin just one month from today (November 7th).

Media coverage of the event is starting to ramp up again, as Darvin Moon was just recently featured in the Washington Post.

It should be interesting to see the type of coverage that the event gets in November, especially considering the fact that one of the world's most famous poker players is still alive in the event.

ps Phil Ivey is currently listed at 4/1 to win the entire event (Bodog)

This is the same odds as Begleiter and Shulman, even though their stacks are much larger (Begleiter is currently sitting with nearly 30 million in chips, while Ivey has less than ten million).

4. Prahlad Friedman raps again. Thanks to Wicked Chops Poker for the heads up on this second masterpiece from Friedman:


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