Published on January 1st, 2006 5:51 pm EST

Anyone who reads any of the popular poker forums online with any regularity will know about this battle that has been taking place over the last few weeks. Daniel Negreanu vs. an online player(s) named Dreamclown. The battle has been taking place on, and the game of choice has been 500-1000 Heads Up Limit.

Dreamclown has been running over people at, amassing a huge bankroll, and is generally considered a top heads-up hold'em player. Negreanu just launched his own skin,, and has been playing online much more lately (obviously wanting to drum up business for his skin.) The two finally hooked up and played, however Negreanu did not have as much money as he wanted to have online, and quickly became short-stacked in this first meeting.

Dreamclown sat out, saying that Negreanu needed to reload, or else he wouldn't play. Negreanu didn't have any money online at the time, and took offense to Dreamclown sitting out, even though Negreanu wasn't totally bust. This happened again, almost the next day; Negreanu's starting short stack ran out quickly, and Dreamclown sat out, saying he wouldn't play Negreanu unless Negreanu reloaded.

This really set Negreanu off, and he posted about it in his blog, saying that he was going to deposit a healthy chunk of money online and "bust" Dreamclown. The two players hooked up for session 3 and session 4, with Negreanu winning both sessions. I believe he finished $67,000 ahead in session 3, and $2,000 ahead in session 4. Both times he quit Dreamclown without notice, saying that he was teaching Dreamclown a lesson about respect. Negreanu is ahead in the battle, and we will surely see more battles in the New Year.

One can only hope that the two players put in a lengthy session, so we can really see who the better player is.


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