Anton Wigg Is Your 2010 EPT Copenhagen Winner

Published on February 21st, 2010 8:28 pm EST

Euripean Poker Tour - Logo - EPTAnton Wigg of Sweden has just taken down the 2010 EPT Copenhagen after a long and drawn-out battle with Francesco De Vivo.

The heads up battle between Wigg and De Vivo, which started at about 9:45 pm local time, ended up finishing approximately 3 1/2 hours later.

For his victory in the event, Wigg will take home about 3.7 million DKK (about 500k Euros), while De Vivo will walk away with 2.275 million DKK.

Morten Guldhammer, who was the player that qualified for this event through a $1 satellite on Pokerstars, ended up finishing in seventh place for approximately 55k Euros (not a bad ROI at all).

De Vivo and Wigg entered heads up play with nearly identical stacks (6.4 million to 6.1 million).

De Vivo was agonizingly close to taking down the tournament, taking a 11 million to 1.3 million chip lead after getting into a major pre-flop all-in confrontation with Wigg. De Vivo held Ac-9c, while Wigg held pocket Queens. The flop brought two Aces, allowing De Vivo to scoop the massive pot.

Wigg didn't give up though, and was back to being nearly even in chips less than 15 minutes later.

The final hand of the tournament came a short while later, with De Vivo and Wigg once again getting into a pre-flop raising war that resulted in De Vivo being all-in.

The two players flipped over:

De Vivo - Kd-10s
Wigg - Ah-Jd

The flop came Qh-9h-Qd-2d-8h, missing both players and giving Wigg the championship.

How is here the final table ended up finishing out:

1. Anton Wigg, 3,675,000 DKK
2. Francesco De Vivo, 2,275,000 DKK
3. Morten Klein, 1,400,000 DKK
4. Yorane Kerignard, 1,050,000 DKK
5. Richard Loth, 715,000 DKK
6. Roberto Romanello, 570,000 DKK
7. Morten Guldhammer, 425,000 DKK
8. Jesper Petersen, 282,800 DKK
9. Magnus Hansen, 215,000 DKK


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