Salvatore Deluca Leads WPT LAPC Main Event After Day 2

Published on February 28th, 2010 4:43 am EST

Daniel Negreanu at the World Series of Poker - Saying whaaaDay 2 of the L.A. Poker Classic (WPT) main event is now a wrap, with Salvatore Deluca leading the tournament heading into Day 3 on Sunday.

The top five stacks after Day 2 are:

1. Salvatore Deluca, 431k
2. Taylor Paur, 318k
3. Daniel Negreanu, 316k
4. Eugene Katchalov, 279k
5. Michael Woo, 250k

Negreanu made a big move on Day 2 of the event, working his stack from around 30k to well over 300k. Negreanu's stack swelled in size after getting involved in a massive pot against qualifier William Jesse James.

After a flop of 2c 3d 5c, the two players entered into a raising war and were soon all-in. Negreanu showed 3c 4c for a pair of threes and a MONSTER draw, while James showed 3-8 for a pair of threes.

The turn brought a 4, giving Negreanu two pair, which ended up being good enough to win the hand.

A short while later, Daniel rivered quad Eights to take down another big pot, catapulting him to the top of the tournament leaderboard.

Vanessa Rousso (222k), Mark Seif (187k) and Howard Lederer (129k) also managed to turn in strong performances on Saturday.

Some of the other notable names who are still alive in this event include:

Johnny Chan, 114k
Erica Schoenberg, 107k
Robert Mizrachi, 105k
Prahlad Friedman, 99k
Brett Richey, 97k
Adam Levy, 80k
Annie Duke, 69k
Gavin Griffin, 63k
Allen Cunningham, 62k
Todd Brunson, 59k
Barry Greenstein, 45k
Jennifer Tilly, 44k
Hoyt Corkins, 34k
Bruce Buffer, 15k

All of the remaining 180+ players in the tournament have their sights set on the first place prize, which is a very healthy $1.79 million.

Day 3 will begin at 12 pm (local time) on Sunday afternoon. Best of luck to everyone that is still alive in the event.

Note: The $25k High Roller event at the LAPC will be getting started on Sunday, so we'll be keeping an eye on that tournament as well.

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