High Stakes Poker Season 6, Episode 5 Recap

Published on March 15th, 2010 5:56 am EST

-- Poker King is strumming sweet guitar chords on his fender stratocaster while looking at the High Stakes Poker logo and reviewing the latest episode --This week's episode of "High Stakes Poker" on GSN included a number of big pots and a memorable confrontation between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and Phil Ivey.

Eli Elezra took down the first pot of the episode (a small one) - here is a quick recap of the rest of the hands from the episode:

Hand 2.

Minieri raised to $7,600 from the button with Qd-6d, Elezra raised to $22,400 from the SB with pocket Jacks, and Minieri called.

The flop came 7s-9h-6s.. Elezra led out with a bet of $16,900, Minieri raised to $66,500 and Elezra called.

The turn brought the 7c. Check - check.

The river brought the 10c. Check - check and Elezra took down the pot with his Jacks.

Hand 3.

Minieri raised to $3,500 with Jc-9c. Elezra re-raised to $11,000 with 8d-7d. Negreanu pushed ($46,900) holding Ks-Qs. Minieri folded, and after some thought, Elezra decided to make the call.

They agreed to run it twice. The first deal was:

5c-6s-9h-4c-2h (Elezra won with the nut straight)

The second deal was:

6h-10h-Qc-9d-Kh (Elezra won again with another straight)

Elezra scooped the $99,700 pot, and Negreanu was forced to rebuy.

Hand 4. Dwan raised to $3,200 with Kd-10c. Minieri re-raised to $11,600 from the button with Kh-3h, and Dwan decided to make the call.

The flop came 2c-10h-3s. Dwan checked, Minieri bet $13,700, Dwan raised to $32,900, Minieri pushed and Dwan quickly called, creating a pot of over $344k.

The two players agreed to run it four times, and Dwan ended up winning all four deals. Minieri decided not to rebuy and left the table.

Hand 5. Negreanu raised to $3,000 with 7c-5c. Hansen called with pocket Queens, and Mercier called in the BB with Jc-10h.

The flop came 7d-2s-5s. Mercier checked, Negreanu bet $6,500 with his top two pair, Hansen raised to $21,000, Mercier folded, Negreanu re-raised to $71,000, Hansen pushed and Negreanu called after a bit of thought.

Hansen and Negreanu agreed to run it twice.

Negreanu won the first deal after the 5h came on the turn, giving him a full house.

Negreanu won the second deal as well after the board ran out 10d-As, giving him the $400k+ pot. Is Negreanu's run of bad luck on "High Stakes Poker" finally over?

Hand 6. Esfandiari raised to $3,000 with 10c-7c. Elezra called with 6h-5h. Negreanu called from the button with As-9d. Hansen called from the SB with Ad-9s, and Dwan called from the BB with pocket Twos.

The flop came 9h-5c-4h. Hansen pushed the rest of his small stack all-in (about $14k), Elezra called, Negreanu raised to $39,300 and Elezra called.

The turn brought the 6c. Elezra checked, Negreanu bet $42,000, Elezra raised to $100k and Negreanu folded.

Elezra and Hansen agreed to run the river twice, with Elezra taking it down both times. Gus decided to rebuy for $200,000.

At this point, Phil Laak walked in to take Minieri's spot at the table.

Hand 7. Hansen raised to $4,200 with Qc-6d. Elezra called with 9c-5c. Ivey called with 9s-9d. Mercier raised to $22,100 with Ah-4h. Elezra and Hansen folded, and Ivey made the call.

The flop came 2s-3d-7h.

Mercier bet $28,700, Ivey raised to $78,700, Mercier pushed all-in (for about $185k) and Ivey made the call.

The board ran out 8c-Qs, and Ivey took down the $425k pot.

Both Gus Hansen and Jason Mercier decided to depart at this point, leaving the game with just six players.

Hand 8. Laak raised to $3,900 with As-9d. Elezra called with Ac-7c. Ivey called with Ad-6d. Negreanu called with Jc-3c, Dwan raised to $28,900 with 9s-8s from the BB, Elezra folded, Ivey called and Negreanu folded.

The flop came 10d-Qc-Kd.

Dwan bet $45,800 and Ivey called.

The turn brought the 3s.

Dwan bet $123,200 and Ivey called once again.

The river brought the 6c.

Dwan, with nothing but 9s-8s, fired out a bet of $268,200.

Ivey, after taking a few minutes to contemplate the hand, decided to fold, and "durrrr" took down the large pot to close out the episode.


In my opinion, this was easily the most entertaining episode of the season so far.


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