Dwan Destroys "Ziigmund" For About $1.2 Million

Published on March 30th, 2010 12:45 pm EST

-- Tom Dwan with his mind at ease --Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies managed to make over $2 million on Full Tilt Poker last week, thanks to a couple of very profitable sessions against Tom "durrrr" Dwan.

The two high stakes regulars decided to square off again earlier today, with "durrrr" exacting a large dose of revenge.

During a 3-4 hour battle, Tom Dwan managed to win about $1.2 million from "Ziigmund" over a number of $500/$1000 PLO tables. The two players decided to bump it up to $3,000/$9,000 during their match, meaning that it would cost each player $9,000 just to see a flop. This obviously helped to create a number of big pots, most of which ended up going Dwan's way.

Some of the biggest pots from the session included:

1. Dwan wins a $423k pot.

There was $18,000 in the middle when the flop came:


Dwan checked, "Ziigmund" bet $13,000 and "durrrr" called.

The turn brought the 6s. "durrrr" checked again, "Ziigmund" bet $44,000 and "durrrr" just called.

The river brought the 8d. "durrrr" checked yet again, "Ziigmund" bet $132,000, "durrrr" quickly pushed all-in and "Ziigmund" called for about $13k more.

"durrrr" turned up:


for the nut straight and took down the $423k pot.

2. Dwan wins a $454k pot.

After a bunch of pre-flop raising, there was $54k in the middle when the flop came:


The two players quickly got all-in on this flop ("durrrr" started the hand with about $227k, while "Ziigmund" started with $523k) and turned up:

"durrrr" - 5d-Ad-Ac-5c
"Ziigmund" - 4s-5s-Td-4d

The turn and river cards were dealt twice.

The first deal came Ks-7h, giving "durrrr" a full house.

The second deal came 9s-6c, giving "durrrr" another full house.

3. "durrrr" wins a $446k pot.

"durrrr" started this hand with about $527k, while "Ziigmund" started with $223k.

The two players got into another pre-flop raising war, and there was already $162k in the middle when the flop came:


"durrrr" led out with a bet of $162k and "Ziigmund" called all-in.

The two players showed:

"durrrr" - Jc-Kh-Ah-Qh
"Ziigmund" - 7h-Th-9h-5h

The first deal came Qc-Qd, giving Dwan Jacks and Queens.

The second deal came 3d-5d, giving Dwan Jacks and Threes for the second half of the pot as well.


Dwan and Patrik Antonius may be continuing their "durrrr Challenge" battle later today, so keep an eye out for that.

Photo: GreasieWheels


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