Recap of High Stakes Poker Season 6 Episode 10

Published on April 19th, 2010 3:18 am EST

-- The King is sitting comfortably on his sofa watching an episode of HSP on his plasma TV - High Stakes Poker --The line-up to start this week's episode was:

Tom "durrrr" Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Eli Elezra, Mike Matusow, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Phil Ivey and Doyle Brunson

Hand #1: "ElkY" raises to $3,000 holding 6d-5d. Negreanu re-raises from the button with Jd-10c. "durrrr" makes it $38,200 from the BB holding 9d-3d. "ElkY" folds while Negreanu calls after a bit of thought.

The flop comes 4s-8s-7h. Dwan checks, Negreanu bets $55,000 and Dwan instafolds.

Hand #2: Negreanu raises to $3,500 holding 3h-2h. Elezra calls holding 8c-4c. It folds around to Matusow in the BB, who decides to call holding Jh-9d.

The flop comes 5c-7c-3c, giving Elezra an eight-high flush.

Matusow checks, Negreanu bets $6,200 with his pair of Threes, Elezra calls and Matusow folds.

The turn is the Queen of Diamonds. Negreanu checks, Eli bets $20,000 and Negreanu folds.

Note: at this point, David Benyamine and Phil Ivey sit back down at the table

Hand #3: Elezra limps in with Ah-8s. Brunson raises to $4,300 with Kh-Jc. Benyamine calls with 8c-6c. "ElkY" calls with 6s-4s, Phil Ivey calls with Ad-2d and Elezra folds.

The flop comes 2c-3d-3c, giving Benyamine a flush draw and Ivey a pair of twos.

"ElkY" leads out with a bet of $11,000, Ivey folds, Brunson folds and Benyamine makes the call.

The turn brings the 4d, giving "ElkY" a pair of fours. Both players check.

The river brings the 4c, giving "ElkY" a full house and Benyamine a flush. "ElkY" checks, Benyamine bets $16,000, "ElkY" raises to $56,000 and Benyamine calls after a bit of thought. "ElkY" turns over his full house and takes down the pot.

Hand #4: Elezra limps in with Jc-7c. Dwan raises to $4,400 with 9s-5s. "ElkY" calls with 9c-8c. Elezra decides to come along as well and makes the call.

The flop comes 10d-7d-Qs. Elezra checks, Dwan checks and "ElkY" checks.

The turn brings the 3s. Elezra bets $7,700, Dwan calls and "ElkY" folds.

The river brings the Kd. Elezra checks and Dwan checks, and Elezra takes down the pot with his pair of Sevens.

Hand #5: Matusow raises to $3,500 holding Qd-7d. Benyamine calls holding Ah-Js. "ElkY" calls holding As-8s, and Elezra calls holding Ac-4h.

The flop comes 8h-Jh-Jd. Elezra checks, Matusow checks, Benyamine checks, "ElkY" bets $8,000, Elezra folds, Matusow folds and Benyamine calls.

The turn brings the 4c. Benyamine checks, "ElkY" bets $21,000, Benyamine raises to $63,000 and "ElkY" decides to fold.

Hand #6: Ivey raises to $4,000 holding Qd-10d and Elezra makes the call with 10s-9c. Everyone else folds and the flop comes:


Both players check.

The turn brings the 6d. Ivey bets $7,000 and Elezra calls.

The river brings the 5s. Ivey bets $20,000 and Elezra folds.

Hand #7: Action folds around to Brunson who raises to $4,000 from the button holding pocket Eights. Matusow calls in the SB with Ks-Js and Benyamine calls in the BB with his Jd-3d.

The flop comes Jh-7h-Ad.

Matusow leads out with a bet of $6,000. Benyamine calls and Brunson folds.

The turn brings the Qh. Matusow checks, Benyamine bets $15,000 and Matusow folds instantly.

Hand #8: Negreanu raises to $6,000 holding 8s-3s (Matusow decided to put in a $1,600 straddle) and everyone folds, including Matusow.

Hand #9: Grospellier raises to $5,500 holding Qh-2h. Negreanu calls holding Ac-10s. Elezra calls holding pocket Fives.

The flop comes Kh-8d-6c. "ElkY" bets $12,000, Negreanu folds and Elezra calls.

The turn brings the 4h. "ElkY" bets $31,000 and Elezra folds.

Hand #10: Negreanu raises to $6,000 with Ad-Jd. Elezra re-raises to $24,500 holding Ah-Js. The action folds around to Negreanu, who makes the call.

The flop comes Kh-Jh-9c. Negreanu checks and Elezra checks.

The turn brings the 8c. Negreanu checks, Elezra bets $33,000 and Negreanu makes the fold.

Hand #11: Negreanu, Elezra and Dwan decide to put on a triple straddle in the hand, making it $6,400 just to call.

Brunson is dealt Ah-Qh and declares himself all-in for about $152,000.

Matusow is dealt pocket Kings and also declares himself all-in for about $169k.

Everybody else folds.

Matusow and Brunson decide to run it twice with over $300k on the line.

The first board comes 3s-3h-Jc-8h-6h, giving Brunson the first deal with an Ace-high flush.

The second board comes 4s-Jd-Kd-Ac-Ad, giving Matusow a full house and the second deal. The two players chop the pot.

Hand #12: At this point, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond joins the game.

Dwan raises to $3,200 holding 6h-4h and everybody folds.

Hand #13: Matusow raises to $3,200 holding Qh-Jh. "ElkY" calls holding pocket Eights. Phil Galfond raises to $11,200 holding Qd-7d. Elezra calls holding Ac-10h. Matusow folds his Qh-Jh and "ElkY" calls with his pocket Eights.

The flop comes 10d-As-2d, giving Elezra two pair and Galfond a flush draw. Galfond leads out with a bet of $22,000, Elezra raises to $72,000, "ElkY" folds and Galfond makes the call.

The turn brings the 9h. Galfond checks, Elezra pushes all-in and Galfond makes the fold.


Next week's episode, according to the promo at the end of the show, will feature a big pot between Daniel Negreanu and Mike Matusow.


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