Published on May 31st, 2006 4:25 pm EST

Thereís a lot of poker in Vegas, but thereís only one Big Game.

A small windowed room just past the high stakes games at the Bellagioís poker room has been hosting that game for a few years now. A poker fanís jaw might drop at the sight of the Big Game. Itís usually played eight-handed and features the most respected names in poker. One could stroll by and take a peek at Doyle Brunson, Lyle Berman, Chris Moneymaker, Phil Ivey, Jennifer Harmon or Johnny Chan in what is known as ďBobbyís RoomĒ at the Bellagio.

Thatís right, you donít have to be watching ESPN to see the most recognizable names in the business play.

The Big Game is a Las Vegas staple. Everyone knows about it and millions secretly dream of taking their chances with the best of the best. Itís not quite on par with Hoover Dam for family outings, but the Big Game has become something of a must-see destination for poker travelers. Legends are made their and fortunes are won and lost on a regular basis. The Big Game is a living, breathing, regularly convening symbol of Las Vegas.

The Big Game has been going strong for decades and it hasnít always been at the Bellagio. It looks like it might not stay there, either. The Venetian has opened up a new hot-shot poker room and it is attracting the players who make up the Big Game. According to many in the know, the Big Game has a new home at the Venetian.

It took more than a great VIP poker room to snag the players away from the Bellagio to the new Venetian poker room. The Venetian started by bringing in highly regarded poker director Kathy Raymond from the massive Foxwoods facility and hired some of the best poker staff in Vegas to staff the room.

The Venetian has combined massive freeroll tournaments for major players with a grade-A staff and an impressive room. This recipe proved to be an irresistible temptation for Big Game players.

If you are looking to watch the very best duke it out in amazing high stakes action, or if you have a hundred thousand dollars to burn and want to sit in on the game, just stop by the Venetian. Thatís where youíll find the Big Game. Itís a Las Vegas tradition featuring the best poker has to offer.


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