"Martonas" Reappears, Dwan vs Antonius Continues and "Jungleman12" Accepts the "durrrr Challenge"

Published on August 1st, 2010 10:55 am EST

The King is doing his weekend report1. "Martonas" Reappears on Full Tilt Poker.

After a very long absence, "Martonas" has reappeared in some high stakes cash games on Full Tilt Poker this morning.

In the summer of 2009, "Martonas" seemingly appeared out of nowhere and did battle against the likes of Phil Ivey, David Benyamine and Tom "durrrr" Dwan on Full Tilt Poker.

From August 1st to August 17th of 2009, "Martonas" banked nearly $2.4 million playing against some of the very best poker players in the world. Over the rest of the month, "Martonas" flamed out in dramatic fashion, dropping nearly $2.6 million. His surge completely reinvigorated the high stakes games on Tilt at the time, and many railbirds were sad to see him go.

"Martonas" has reappeared on Full Tilt today, and is currently playing two tables of $100/$200 PLO (against Tom "durrrr" Dwan and "URnotINdanger2"), and two tables of $50/$100 HU PLO against "URnotINdanger2".


2. First "durrrr Challenge" Continues.

Ok, I was wrong - Patrik Antonius has not thrown in the towel on the "durrrr Challenge".

Antonius and Tom "durrrr" Dwan, after not playing a single hand of the "durrrr Challenge" in over three months, finally resumed their battle early this morning.

Before tonight's session, Tom "durrrr" Dwan was up over $1.8 million in the challenge, with 38,974 of the 50,000 hands having been completed.

Now, according to Full Tilt Poker, Dwan is up approximately $1.6 million after tonight's session, with 39,254 of the hands having now been completed.

As is usually the case, Dwan and Antonius played a very short session before the game broke. Let's hope that these two can put in some volume over the coming weeks so that they can finally finish off this challenge.


3. "Jungleman12" Accepts "durrrr Challenge"?

A few weeks ago on Full Tilt Poker, Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates and Tom "durrrr" Dwan had the following conversation:

durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob
jungleman12: maybe
jungleman12: isnt bt (Brian Townsend) next or something?
durrrr: i can do 2 at once
durrrr: ship ivey 500k n we will work out details
durrrr: get my aim from someone
jungleman12: ok
durrrr: i wanna crank out at least 2 of em before london if poss
jungleman12: ill talk to you over aim before doing it
durrrr: we could obv play in like 2 weeks
jungleman12: k
durrrr: kk gg
durrrr: gl

People were obviously curious as to whether or not "Jungleman12" was actually serious about accepting the challenge.

Well, according to his latest blog post on Cardrunners.com titled "On the Doorstep to the Sky..", "Jungleman12" had this to say about the "durrrr Challenge":

"It's going down."

So there you have it - "Jungleman12" plans on accepting the "durrrr Challenge". That should be a great battle.


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