"TyboVegas" Wins $423k in FTOPS XVII Main Event

Published on August 16th, 2010 9:37 am EST

Full Tilt Online Poker Series - Champion graphic"TyboVegas" was able to navigate through a field of 4,805 players to take down the FTOPS XVII main event early Monday morning. After agreeing to a deal with second place finisher "DQnk", "TyboVegas" walked away with approximately $423k, while "DQnk" took home $447k for second. At the time that the deal was agreed to, "DQnk" possessed a substantial chip lead, which is the reason that he actually ended up making more money than "TyboVegas".

The FTOPS XVII main event had a total of $3 million in guaranteed prize money, meaning that the tournament ended up with an overlay of over $100k.

Here is how the final table ended up finishing out on Sunday evening/Monday morning:

"JBurleson", 9th, $31,500 - pushed all-in with J-J and was called by the pocket Kings of "jfiiue4". The board ran out 6c-7d-10c-Ad-4d and "JBurleson" was eliminated in 9th place

"angrywhale", 8th, $45,000 - with the blinds at 60k/120k, "roo7227" raised to 278,898 from early position. "angrywhale", who was nursing a short stack, pushed all-in with A-Q offsuit. "roo7227" snap-called with pocket Aces and took down the pot after the board ran out 2h-As-7c-Qh-Ks

"einstein007", 7th, $64,500 - after paying the 160k BB, "einstein007" was left with just 447,022. "flagal43" raised enough from the SB to put "einstein007" all in, and "einstein007" made the call with As-9s. "flagal43" flipped over Jh-6c and ended up winning the pot after the board ran out Kh-6h-Qc-5h-Ks

"jfiiue4", 6th, $99,000 - SB vs BB raising war between "jfiiue4" (SB) and "DQnk" that saw both players put their stacks into the middle of the table pre-flop. "jfiiue4" showed pocket Tens, while "DQnk" flipped over pocket Queens. The flop brought an unnecessary Queen for "DQnk", giving him a set. The Jack of Spades on the turn sealed the deal, and "jfiiue4" was eliminated in 6th place

"Ship_the_dollar", 5th, $143,850 - after an early position raise from TyboVegas to $380,000 (blinds 80/160k), Ship_the_dollar pushed all-in for about 2.1 million.. DQnk was next to act and called.. TyboVegas folds.. Ship_the_dollar showed As-8s, DQnk flipped over pocket Nines.. Ship_the_dollar was drawing dead to a runner-runner straight after a 2c-5c-9h flop.. board runs out 4h-Jh and Ship_the_dollar is gone in 5th place..

"roo7227", 4th, $192,000 - DQnk raised from the button.. roo7227 pushed his extremely small stack all-in.. DQnk snap called and showed 7-7.. roo7227 showed Kh-10s.. board runs out Ac-9d-Ad-6c-5c and "roo7227" is sent to the rail in 4th place

"flagal43", 3rd, $255,000 - "DQnk" pushed all-in from the SB. "flagal43", who was nursing a very small stack at the time, elected to make the call with Ad-10c. "DQnk" turned over J-Q offsuit. The board ran out 10h-Js-5d-4c-Jc, giving "DQnk" trip Jacks and eliminating "flagal43" in third place.

"DQnk", 2nd, $466,942.59 - with the board reading Qh-As-3c-2s, "DQnk" and "TyboVegas" soon found themselves all-in. "DQnk" turned over Ac-2c for two pair, while "TyboVegas" showed 5c-4s for the nut straight. The river brought the 7d, giving "TyboVegas" the pot and the FTOPS XVII main event championship.


Congratulations to "TyboVegas".


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