"durrrr" vs "Jungleman12" Challenge To Start Soon?

Published on August 26th, 2010 10:15 pm EST

The Poker King reporting latest newsThe second "durrrr Challenge", which will pit Tom "durrrr" Dwan against Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates, is expected to begin shortly.

According to an article on Full Tilt Poker (link below), Tom Dwan thinks that there is a "great" chance that the second "durrrr Challenge" will get underway later today (Thursday).

The article initially indicated that "durrrr" and "Jungleman12" would be playing $200/$400 HU PLO, but this is not the case. Cates, who gets to pick the game according to the terms of the challenge, has selected No Limit Hold'em. The article also stated that the tables for the challenge had been created, but this is also not true.

The rules of the challenge state that a minimum of 4 tables must be in use at all times - however, Dwan said in the interview with Full Tilt Poker that he would be willing to play up to 6-8 tables if "jungleman12" is also willing.

The second "durrrr challenge" became "official" last week when Cates sent $500k to Phil Ivey. The rules of the challenge state that Tom "durrrr" Dwan will receive the $500k if he is up after the 50k hands have been completed, while Daniel "jungleman12" Cates will receive $1.5 million if he ends up winning.

The article closes with Dwan stating that he believes that the second "durrrr Challenge" will be done "quickly".

Source: Full Tilt Poker - durrrr Challenge Round 2: dwan vs Jungleman12 It's Official


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