"jungleman12" Surges to Lead in Second "durrrr Challenge"

Published on August 27th, 2010 12:42 pm EST

The King is doing a piece on the skinsThe first day of the second "durrrr Challenge" just wrapped up a few minutes ago, with Daniel "jungleman12" Cates posting a $518k profit over a total of 5,829 hands.

The first session between "jungleman12" and "durrrr" got underway late last night and lasted approximately 2 hours. The two players were 6-tabling for most of the time, with Tom "durrrr" Dwan posting a profit of $130k over 1,651 hands.

At around 5:15 am EST, the two players reconvened on the newly created "durrrr Challenge" tables and played for approximately 7 hours. "jungleman12" got the best of "durrrr" during this session, erasing the $130k deficit and moving into a $500k+ lead.

In total, Cates and Dwan were able to burn through the first 5,829 hands of the 50,000 hand challenge in just the first day. Compare that to the first "durrrr Challenge" between Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius, which has been in progress for 18+ months and isn't even 80% of the way done.

Full Tilt Poker obviously wasn't ready for the start of the second "durrrr Challenge", as they were only able to set up special "durrrr Challenge" tables after "jungleman12" and "durrrr" had already started their match. In addition, they were also accidently including the results of the second "durrrr Challenge" on the "durrrr vs Antonius" challenge page, which also helped to create a great deal of confusion. Fingers crossed that FTP gets their "durrrr vs jungleman12" page up and running today so that people can accurately track the progress of the second challenge.

Let's hope that Dwan and Cates can continue to play at this pace. This is what many people were imagining that the "durrrr vs Antonius" battle would be like when they got underway in early 2009.

I would expect that "jungleman12" and "durrrr" will continue their battle later tonight..


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