Randal Flowers Takes Down 2010 WPT Festa al Lago

Published on October 21st, 2010 1:22 am EST

World Poker Tour - Logo on white backround - WPTRandal Flowers, who is also known online as "RandALLin", took down the second WPT title of his career earlier tonight at the WPT Festa al Lago. For his victory, Flowers took home over $831,000 and a $25k entry into the WPT World Championship.

According to Worldpokertour.com, Flowers became the youngest player in history to win multiple WPT titles with his victory earlier tonight.

Before the final hand of the tournament took place, Flowers had around 9.3 million in chips, while eventual second place finisher Michael Benvenuti had about 4.1 million.

After a flop of 9s-6c-5s, Benvenuti checked and Flowers fired out a continuation bet. Benvenuti moved all-in, causing Flowers to pause and contemplate the hand for a second. After a few moments, Flowers decided to make the call.

The two players flipped over:

Flowers - 9c-3d
Benvenuti - Qs-7s

Flowers was in the lead with a pair of Nines, but Benvenuti had a number of outs.

The turn and river improved neither player, sending Benvenuti to the rail in second place and giving Flowers the second WPT championship of his career.

With this victory, Randal Flowers now has approximately $1.8 million in total lifetime "live" tournaments cashes to go with his $1.6 million+ in online cashes.


Here is how the final table finished out on Wednesday:

1. Randal Flowers, $831,500
2. Michael Benvenuti, $564,200
3. Noah Schwartz, $344,968
4. Jason Koon, $225,680
5. Andy Frankenberger, $161,200
6. Skip Wilson, $112,840


Source: WorldPokerTour.com


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