Michael Eiler Takes Down EPT Vienna Main Event

Published on October 31st, 2010 6:34 pm EST

Daniel Negreanu departs the EPT VIenna - Photo from Pokerstarsblog.comDaniel Negreanu entered the final table of the EPT Vienna main event as the chip leader earlier today, but it was Michael Eiler from Germany that ended up taking down the title.

The 578 player field created a total prize pool of nearly 3 million Euros, which made the 2010 EPT Vienna main event the richest poker tournament to ever be staged in Austria.

Michael Eiler walked away with 700k Euros and the title after dispatching of Martin Hruby in second place. The final hand of the tournament saw Eiler open-shove holding Ad-Td. Hruby, after a bit of thought, decided to make the call with pocket Twos.

The flop came 8d-Jd-Kd, giving Eiler the nut flush and a near lock in the hand. The turn brought the 3s, which meant that Hruby was now drawing dead. The river was the meaningless 4d, and Michael Eiler was officially declared the winner.

Here is how the final table ended up finishing out on Sunday:

Michael Eiler, 700,000 EUR
Martin Hruby, 470,000 EUR
Konstantinos Nanos, 265,000 EUR
Daniel Negreanu, 175,000 EUR
Luca Cainelli, 140,000 EUR
Andreas Wiese, 105,000 EUR
Matthias Lotze, 76,000 EUR
Bruno Launais, 60,000 EUR


Daniel Negreanu had a chance to win his first EPT title AND move past Phil Ivey on the all-time tournament money list on Sunday, but he obviously ended up falling short.

The key hand for Negreanu at Sunday's final table came during a wild confrontation that saw three players get their stacks into the middle after the turn.

With the board reading 8h-5h-Ks-9s. Luca Cainelli moved all-in for 1.575 million. Negreanu moved in as well. Hruby called, and the three players turned over:

Negreanu - Kd-9d
Cainelli - As-Ad
Hruby - 6d-7c

Hruby turned the nut straight, Negreanu turned two pair and Cainelli was dead with his pocket Aces.

The river brought the 5c, giving Hruby the massive pot and a commanding chip lead.

Negreanu was eliminated from the tournament in fourth place about 30 minutes later.


Congratulations to Michael Eiler on his impressive victory..

Source: Pokerstarsblog.com


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