Jonathan Duhamel or John Racener: Whos It Going To Be?

Published on November 8th, 2010 6:23 pm EST

World Series of Poker 2010 ChipIts been a long journey (over four months), but sometime later tonight, the 2010 World Series of Poker main event champion will finally be crowned.

Will it be Jonathan Duhamel, the former finance student from Boucherville, Quebec, Canada, or will it be John Racener, the self-taught poker pro from Port Richey, Florida?

One thing is for sure - Duhamel will begin the final stage of the main event with a massive chip advantage over his opponent. Duhamel managed to finish Saturday with 188,950,000 in chips, while John Racener finished with just 30,750,000.

Given that the blinds will be 600,000/1,200,000 with 200,000 antes when play starts back up later this evening, Racener will need to make something happen fairly quickly or else it could be a short night.

Thanks to his sizable chip lead, Jonathan Duhamel is currently listed as a -500 favorite to win the title on The significantly outchipped John Racener is currently listed as a +300 underdog.

Both players are guaranteed a minimum of $5,545,955 for making it to the final two. The eventual winner of the event will walk away with $8,944,310, in addition to the coveted World Series of Poker main event bracelet.

Duhamel and Racener spent their Sundays doing interviews, receiving massages and basically resting up ahead of the heads-up battle later this evening. Racener took the time to send this message out to his supporters:


The heads-up battle between Duhamel and Racener will get underway at around 8 pm (local time) tonight.

Coverage of the final table will air on Tuesday evening at 10 pm EST on ESPN. This will be a two hour telecast that will include coverage of the heads-up battle between Racener and Duhamel.

Good luck to both players..


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