Jonathan Duhamel Becomes First Canadian To Ever Win WSOP Main Event

Published on November 9th, 2010 2:31 pm EST

Jonathan Duhamel Wins the World Series of Poker 2010 Main EventJonathan Duhamel bested John Racener during heads-up play to become the 2010 World Series of Poker main event champion earlier tonight. With his victory, Duhamel takes home $8,944,310, the much-coveted World Series of Poker main event bracelet and the distinction of being the first Canadian to ever win the WSOP main event.

John Racener couldnít overcome Duhamelís massive chip advantage and will take home $5,545,955 for his second place finish.

The heads-up confrontation between Duhamel and Racener was a fairly short one, lasting only 43 hands. When heads-up play began at approximately 8 pm, Duhamel held a commanding 188,950,000 to 30,650,000 chip lead. Duhamel remained aggressive during heads-up play, refusing to allow John Racener to chip his way back up into contention.

The final hand of the 2010 World Series of Poker came during hand #262 of the main event final table. Duhamel shoved pre-flop and Racener decided to make his last stand, calling the last of his 15 million in chips with Kd-8d. Duhamel flipped over As-Jh.

The board ran out 4c-4d-9s-6c-5c, and Duhamel was declared the winner of the main event.

Coverage of the main event final table will air on ESPN tomorrow night (Tuesday) starting at 10 pm EST.

Congratulations to Jonathan Duhamel on his victory.


Jonathan Duhamel Wins it all in 2010 - Holding the WSOP Bracelet up in the air


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