Published on March 29th, 2007 9:01 pm EST

Rekrul. Elky. Nazgul. What do all of these highly successful players have in common? They all were very successful gamers (Starcraft was usually the game of choice) who moved over into the world of poker. If you analyze the beginnings of many of these successful players, you have probably noticed that many got their start in some kind of gaming, whether it be Starcraft or Magic. It is not a stretch to see why they would be successful at poker; Starcraft and Magic both involve analytical and opponent reading skills.

Anyways, Rekrul is currently 21 years of age, and lives in Seoul Korea. He is known for two things: carving up the cash games, and for extreme temper tantrums at the tables (I believe he has a lifetime chat ban at Pokerstars.)

Rekrul goes by the name of Daniel, and attended the University of Cincinnati before pursuing the game of poker full-time and moving to Seoul. Rekrul got his start grinding out the penny tables, and was being staked by Elky, who lent him money on various occasions. Eventually, Rekrul dropped out of college and moved to Korea to pursue full-time gaming (starcraft.)

After a few months, Rekrul decided that full-time gaming wasn't for him, and he decided that he would pursue poker full-time, focusing on cash games.

Rekrul is consistently one of the biggest winners at the 25/50 game on PokerStars. He is hyper-aggressive, and usually has extremely good reads on his opponents. Watch out for Rekrul at the tables.


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