Published on March 29th, 2007 11:41 pm EST

If you are a true fan of the game of poker, I highly suggest that you use your Tivo to tape this show, or stay up late to watch it one night. Basically, each week there is a Sit and Go tournament, and Poker After Dark shows each hand of the Sit and Go, no matter how dull or uneventful it is. The tournament starts on Monday, and by the time that Friday rolls around, a winner is crowned. On Saturday there is a wrap-up show, with player commentary and big hands from the tournament.

The tables are star-studded, including the likes of Phil Ivey, Mike Matusow and Daniel Negreau. It is a winner take all format, where each player puts in $20,000, and the winner takes down $120,000. The show is hosted by Shana Hiatt, and is hosted by Oliver Nejad.

This show is interesting because it shows you each hand of the tournament, and how the players react to each hand, and most interestingly, how a player will build up an image over the course of the tournament. There have been some strange hands (namely, Jennifer Tilly checking the river with a full house, leading to amazed stared by the people she was playing with), and some outbursts (Phil Hellmuth had a major blow-up in the first episode when other players at the table wouldn't be quiet.)

Normally when you watch poker on TV, you are just seeing the big hands. However, this shows you every hand, and if you are a fan of the game, you must watch this show. So far the winners have been:

Name (Episode Name)

Gus Hansen (Poker Brat Attack)
Johnny Chan (World Series of Poker Champions)
Phil Ivey (Earphones Please)
Phil Laak (Phil Phil)
Howard Lederer (Talking Heads)
Chris Ferguson (Against All Odds)
Mike Matusow (Loose Lips)


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