Antonio Esfandiari Wins His Second WPT Title

Published on December 9th, 2010 7:19 am EST

World Poker Tour - Logo on white backround - WPTAntonio Esfandiari was able to navigate through a stacked final table at the Five Diamond World Poker Classic to win the second World Poker Tour title of his career early Thursday morning.

Esfandiari, who entered the final table with just 35 BBs in his stack, ended up dispatching of fellow "Team Victory Poker" member Andrew Robl during heads-up play to take down the $870,124 first place prize.

The final hand of the tournament came when Robl was down to approximately 6.3 million in chips, while Esfandiari had nearly 11.4 million.

After a pre-flop raise from Esfandiari, Robl pushed all-in and Antonio decided to make the call. The two players turned over:

Esfandiari - Kc-Jd
Robl - Qd-10c

The flop came Ad-Kd-6d, giving Esfandiari a pair of Kings and Robl a diamond flush draw plus a gut shot straight draw.

The turn and river were both blanks, sending Andrew Robl to the rail in second place ($549,003) and giving Esfandiari his first major tournament victory since 2004.


As mentioned, this is the second WPT title of Esfandiari's career. His first came in February of 2004, when he took down the LA Poker Classic for nearly $1.4 million.

With his victory in the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, Esfandiari now has over $4.5 million in total lifetime tournament cashes.


Here is how the final table of the Five Diamond World Poker Classic ended up finishing out:

1. Antonio Esfandiari, $870,124
2. Andrew Robl, $549,003
3. Vanessa Rousso, $358,964
4. John Racener, $232,271
5. Kirk Morrison, $168,924
6. Ted Lawson, $126,693


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