Seventh Season of High Stakes Poker Finishes Shooting in Las Vegas

Published on December 18th, 2010 4:04 am EST

King is watching High Stakes Poker in his theatre while eating popcornThe taping of the seventh season of "High Stakes Poker" just finished filming a few hours ago.

The list of players who participated in HSP7 was not officially released by GSN or POKER PROductions this year, which means that people had to turn to Twitter to find out some of the names that were participating. Prior to HSP6 taping last year, GSN sent out a press release that highlighted all of the big names that would be participating. I'm assuming that this didn't happen for HSP7 due to the fact that the line-up seemed to be up in the air right up until the last minute.

Here is what we know about the Season 7 line-up:

-Full Tilt Poker decided that their pros would not be participating in HSP7. This means no Ivey, no Dwan, no Antonius, etc.

-Daniel Negreanu was originally supposed to miss out on HSP7 completely, but apparently he managed to make it for the last day (Friday) of taping

-Doyle Brunson played on two of the three days

-Phil Hellmuth made no mention of playing on his Twitter account

-some of the other names who will make appearances this season include: Andrew Robl, Antonio Esfandiari, Jonathan Duhamel, Haralabos Voulgaris, Phil Galfond and Phil Laak

-Scotty Nguyen was rumored to be participating, but I haven't seen any confirmation yet that he actually played. As of Wednesday evening, he didn't know if he was playing, according to his Twitter feed

-a number of "amateurs" participated as well, but their names haven't trickled out as of yet


That's about all that we know as of right now - I guess that we'll have to wait until the shows start airing in 2011 to find out the exact list of players who participated in HSP7..


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