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The "PiS.ToTo" account on Pokerstars belongs to a player by the name of Kwangsoo Lee.

"PiS.ToTo" is a regular in the mid-to-high stakes cash games on Pokerstars. According to PTR, "PiS.ToTo" has logged over a million hands playing short-handed $3/$6 No Limit Hold'em on Pokerstars. In recent months, "PiS.ToTo" has decided to venture into some of the higher stakes NLHE games on the site. According to PTR, "PiS.ToTo" has logged over 100k 25/50 NLHE hands on Pokerstars and has made a very healthy $232,870.

According to his profile on Pokerstars, Lee attended Korea's top sports university and majored in Tae Kwon Do. He was a member of the Korean national team that managed to win the World Championships in 1999.

Like many other cash game pros, "PiS.ToTo" played Starcraft before venturing into the world of online poker. As a matter of fact, Lee, like Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, played Starcraft professionally for a while. According to "PiS.ToTo", it was "ElkY" who ended up introducing him to the world of online poker.

There are a number of players who have ".ToTo" in their aliases on Pokerstars - I'm assuming that all of these players are a member of the same Starcraft team, as Lee apparently still coaches a team in Korea.

Kwangsoo "PiS.ToTo" Lee is currently a member of Team Pokerstars Online.

According to PTR, "PiS.ToTo" has earned $400k+ over a total of 2.2 million hands on Pokerstars.

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