Definition of Angling

What is the definition of the term "angling" as it applies to poker? What is meant by the word angling?

In poker, the term "angling" is meant to describe an unethical play that is used to gain an advantage over another player.

Let's take a look at an example of angling:

There are five players in a hand after the flop. The first player to act puts out a bet of $5.

Definition of the poker term AnglingThe "angling" player, who is actually fourth, raises to $35, even though he is not the next player to act in the hand. This is going to influence the action of everybody else in the hand, especially the players who are second and third to act. These players are obviously going to think that the "angling" player has a monster holding, and will likely fold fairly strong holdings.

Now, players make mistakes all the time and accidently bet out of turn. This is not always an angle, as honest mistakes happen.

However, if something like this occurs over and over, then the "angling" ways of a player quickly become apparent.


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