Definition of Bounty Builder

What is the definition of the term "Bounty Builder"? How do the Bounty Builder tournaments on Pokerstars work?

Illustrated is the bounty hunter of the online poker world.  Definition.Bounty Builder tournaments are progressive knockout events where you earn money via bounties when you eliminate a player from an event.

Here is how it works.

Let's say that you pay $100 to enter into a Bounty Builder tournament.

Of that $100, $50 goes to a general prize pool (as in a normal tournament) while the remaining $50 is added to your "bounty".

When you eliminate a player from a tournament, you get half of their bounty (which is your cash and can't be taken away) and the remaining half is added to your bounty.

So, if your bounty was sitting at $50 to start a tournament and you eliminate a player that has a $100 bounty under their alias, you would receive:

$50 in bounty money
$50 would be added to your bounty

In most cases, Pokerstars will use a 50% split for the cash bounty and money that is added to your bounty.


As the tournament progresses, the bounties will get bigger and bigger. The size of the bounties can change decisions - for instance, if you have a marginal hand and a player with a massive bounty is all-in, you are going to be much more likely to call.

If you end up winning the tournament, you get money from three different places:

1) You get the 1st place prize money in the general prize pool
2) You get to keep all of the bounties that you have earned
3) You get to keep YOUR bounty.

So, let's say that you are playing a $109 bounty event and you ended up winning. You might get:

$4,428.00 from the general prize pool
$2,750.00 in bounties
$2,750.00 in YOUR bounty

If nobody knocks you out of the tournament, you will get to keep your own bounty. For this reason, people usually end up winning more than they expected in the Bounty Builder tournaments.


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