Definition of Diamond Club Elite

What does the term "Diamond Club Elite" mean in the world of online poker, and specifically on partypoker? What is meant by "Diamond Club Elite"?

partypoker, in an effort to lure high-volume players away from sites like Pokerstars, launched their Diamond Club and Diamond Club Elite programs. These programs seek to reward players that put in a significant amount of volume on the site, and generate a significant amount of rake.

The meaning and workings of the term Diamond Club Elite is explained in this article.  What is it exactly?In return for generating a significant amount of rake, partypoker looks to reward players.

Diamond Club Elite is the highest tier of partypoker's VIP program, where players can earn up to 60% cashback, as well as a number of other prizes.

Starting on February 1st of each year, all players who generate $200,000 in rake (cash games, MTTs, etc) will become eligible for the Diamond Club Elite program. Players who achieve Diamond Club Elite status will earn up to 60% rakeback until the January 31st of the following year, when the program resets and everybody goes back to zero.

In addition to receiving 60% cashback, players who generate $200,000 in rake will also receive:

1. $10,000 milestone bonus when $100,000 in rake is generated
2. $20,000 milestone bonus when $200,000 in rake in generated
3. $16,000 Millions World tournament package
4. Entry to Millions Online tournament


Diamond Club and Diamond Club Elite were a direct answer to Pokerstars shutting down their Supernova and Supernova Elite programs, as partypoker attempted to lure some of the high-volume players that were betrayed by Pokerstars.


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