Definition of Early Position

What does the term "early position" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "early position" in poker?

Let's assume that you are playing in a $1/$2 No Limit Hold'em game that is nine-handed.

Definition of Early Position - Poker DictionaryThe term "early position" refers to the three players who are sitting to the direct left of the button.

These three players would be:

1. The Small Blind.
2. The Big Blind.
3. The "Under the Gun" player.

Positionally speaking, the SB, BB and UTG ("Under the Gun") are at the biggest disadvantage in any hand.

For instance - let's say that there is a hand where every player checks. The SB completes, while the BB also checks.

The flop is dealt. Now, if the SB decides to bet out, every single player at the table will get a chance to act after them. So, let's say that the SB had 7-5 offsuit and the flop came 2-2-7. If the SB bets out, what happens if somebody in late position raises? How would the SB play the hand at that point? This is why position is so very important in the game of poker.

The players in early position (SB, BB, UTG) are at a disadvantage to start every hand due to their poor position.


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