Definition of Final Table Bubble

What does the term "final table bubble" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "final table bubble"?

Let's say that you are playing in a large online poker tournament. You are down to just nine players, with the top eight players in the event making the final table.

This is said to be the "final table bubble", as the final table will be officially set once the tournament loses one more player. This is similar to the "money bubble", which is when the tournament is just one player away from making it into the money.

The poker term Final Table Bubble explained.  What does it mean?

You obviously don't want to be the person who bubbles the final table, as the final table is where all of the big cashes will be found. For instance, the ninth place finisher in a tournament might collect something like $75, while the eventual winner will take home a much larger $1,500. You certainly don't want to play in a tournament for hours and hours, only to bubble the final table.

There is a great deal of strategy that is involved in playing the final table bubble.

If you have a big stack of chips, you'll want to be pressuring the players with the smaller stacks, as they will be more likely to fold stronger holdings in an attempt to make it to the bigger paydays.

If you have a smaller stack of chips, you will want to avoid clashing with the bigger stacks at the table. Instead, you should be looking to pressure some of the other small stacks, as they will be likely playing much tighter than usual and only playing with premium hands.


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