Definition of MoMoMo PKO Series

What is the "MoMoMo PKO Series" on ACR? What is meant by the term "MoMoMo PKO Series"?

In August of 2020, ACR (America's Cardroom) announced that they would be hosting a $50 million guaranteed tournament series called the "MoMoMo PKO Series".

Progressive Knockout poker tournaments are growing in popularity.  MoMoMo PKO Series is breaking new ground.PKO refers to "Progressive Knockout" tournaments, which have soared in popularity over the past couple of years.

In a PKO tournament, half of the money is set aside for the general prize pool, while the other half is set aside for bounties.

Let's say that you enter a $20 PKO tournament. $10 of this amount is considered the "bounty" that is on your head.

If you eliminate another player, you get half of their bounty, while the other half is added to your "head".

So, if your bounty is $10 and somebody takes you out, they will have $5 added to their head, while they keep the other $5.

This is how "PKO" tournaments work.

As mentioned, PKO tournaments have soared in popularity over the years, which is why ACR is choosing to host their first MoMoMo PKO series.

Every single tournament in this series will be a PKO event, and buy-ins will range from the very small to the very large.

The main event of the series will feature the largest PKO tournament in the history of poker - a $5 million guaranteed event called "Carnage".


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