Definition of Punt

What does the term "punt" mean in the world of poker? What does it mean to punt off your chips? What does it mean if you've "punted"?

In poker, "punting" is not a good thing, as it refers to when you blow through all of your chips in extremely short order after doing one or more ill-advised moves.

The meaning of the term Punt in the game of poker.  Blowing off all your chisp up in smoke very quickly. Illustration.For instance - let's say that you are the tournament chip leader in a weekly $100 buy-in event at your local casino. There are 50 players left (498 entries) and you are looking very strong.

You decide to make an ill-timed bluff that is quickly snapped off by one of your opponents, which reduces your chip stack by about 25%. At this point, a good player is likely going to steady themselves and regroup but you are tilted and quickly proceed to blow through the remainder of your chips. The final knockout blow comes when you elect to push all-in holding pocket fives in the face of a raise and re-raise - the original raiser and the re-raiser both call and you are absolutely crushed.

In this case, you "punted" off your chips, which means that you obliterated your stack in just a few short hands after making a series of bad moves.


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