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What does the term "rock" mean in poker? What is the definition of the term "rock" in poker?

In the game of poker, a "rock" is a player who is both passive and tight.

Good players will quickly identify and exploit the tendencies of a "rock". "Rocks" will play big hands (AA, KK, QQ, AK, JJ) very quickly and aggressively pre-flop, which makes it easy to identify when a "rock" is holding a big hand. Also, if a "rock" starts playing aggressively after the flop, turn or river, you can be relatively certain that they have hit a very big hand, as "rocks", by their very definition, will rarely bluff.

Definition of the term Rock - Poker Dictionary - Illustration of a rockLet's say that you are playing a $1/$2 cash game at your local casino. A regular, who is well-known as being a "rock" sits down at your table.

After a few hands, the "rock" raises from early position. The button re-raises, causing everybody else to fold. The "rock" instantly sticks in another raise.

Given his style of play, it's a virtual certainty that the "rock" has pocket Aces or MAYBE pocket Kings. The button is not a regular in the game and doesn't know the tendencies of the regular, so he is unsure as to whether or not the "rock" is putting a move on him. The button shoves holding A-K offsuit, while the "rock" insta-calls and flips over pocket Aces.


As mentioned, "rocks" are easily exploitable due to the fact that they are very tight and very passive, which makes it easy to identify when you should stay out of their way and when you should try and buy a pot against them.


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